Ruby, Jubilee and Johnny-boy – Three Updates

Well I actually started this post on Thursday, then continued working on it on Friday but didn’t get it finished.  And  before it was posted, Saturday evening, Ruby had another status epilepticus seizure which just wouldn’t stop.  For those who have someone they love with status epilepticus seizures in their life my heart goes out to you – to see our baby girl fighting so hard is almost unbearable and without the Lord’s grace it would be completely terrifying.  This one just wouldn’t end!

The kids all gathered round her praying while she was seizing then one ran to meet the EMTs, two others were running around gathering things for my backpack so I could leave as soon as she was stable and the ambulance loaded her in. Our family is a tight-knit team – they love her so very much!

Ruby and I are on the 8th floor for a few days while they increase her meds again(!) and run tests – which is a total answer to prayer.   This morning Dw face-timed with the kids to talk to Ruby.  Their love for their baby sissy would truly make you cry.  Anyway this is, once again, the view from her window.    The word “HOPE” on top of a fire station below…rumor is that they wanted patients and family to know that there is always HOPE.  We are grateful for this constant reminder that our God is the HOPE-giver, even when things look less than encouraging.  FullSizeRender-1


This update started out just for Jubilee and the latest news on Johnny….so here is a little update on Jubilee…and then the news on our Johnny-boy…

First Jubilee…

At the Urgent Care the night of the injury (which had swollen to amazing proportion on November 7th) the doctor told us that she’d never seen anything like it and referred to it as, “Internal Derangement of the Knee”.   Well that sounded promising (eye roll).  It took a little over a week to get into the orthopedic but as it turns out he was so worth the wait!

Get this…while meeting with the orthopedic doctor we found that we had something in common – we shared a love for prayer and watching God heal! WOW!  That’s miraculous in our humble opinion!!  The doc even told me that he would be praying that the MRI would determine that Jubilee did not need surgery – how awesome is that??  He was an incredible blessing to us! He shared something he was walking through and I asked if I could pray for him…so Jubilee, Isaiah and I held hands with him as I prayed for his situation.  Seriously only God.  During the appointment he also ordered an MRI for the following Friday.

Well as it turns out while Dw and I were at the hospital with Ruby after her seizure on Friday November 15th and Savannah lovingly took Jubilee for the scheduled MRI.  The MRI was attempted for over an hour and a half when they finally decided Jubilee had wiggled too much and would need a sedated MRI.  Dw and I were committed to pray that no matter what she wouldn’t need surgery on her knee and definitely asking the Lord for His move because we just didn’t want to have to have the sedated MRI if possible.  It is complicated to help Jubilee understand things like this.

News on Johnny:

And just to throw a little “excitement” in our little family  while we have been working on all that, we have also been preparing for this Monday (tomorrow – November 25th) when our Johnny-boy will be heading into the hospital for a very extensive surgery.  Yes, at this moment, Ruby is on the 8th floor and tomorrow AM Johnny will be in the Operating Room of the same hospital.

The surgery will take about eight hours and then he will be moved to ICU, followed by approximately a week or so in the hospital.  We have literally been preparing for this surgery for almost two years and it is finally almost time.  The length of recovery is said to be months.


Pic taken a few months back…we sure love this guy…

The surgeon has been working toward John’s surgery for just about two years now between intricate, rare tests, etc….so in other words, it’s been a long time comin’.   And it had originally been scheduled for last September 2018 but then the surgeon decided to add in some other components and moved it to May 2019 so he could have the OR for a longer period with the new “add-ons”.  Then the surgeon had a family emergency in another country and it was cancelled again and moved to Monday, November 25th.

Anyway, knowing that Johnny’s complicated surgery was coming and Jubilee might be needing surgery along with Ruby’s status seizures increasing in frequency we have been asking the Lord for several miracles!

And we have one – Jubilee’s doctor called to explain that even though Jubilee wiggled, he could see enough and found that when Jubilee fell she actually knocked her knee cap off where it should sit.  It went back to where it should be, however, it needs to heal.  At the same time it tore muscles that attach the knee cap to the knee but they will heal on their own if we just keep her elevated and not moving!  She has been in quite a bit of pain so she is willing to lay.  We cannot praise the Lord enough for this huge miracle!!



We are asking for praying friends to join with us for Johnny’s surgery…so many components:   wisdom for the surgeon as he performs this delicate, intricate, complicated surgery; that it will be a “success”; freedom from pneumonia and infection; comfort and peace for Johnny – all for starters.  For those who think of and pray for our Ruby, please pray specifically for wisdom, answers and healing from seizures.  Together we praise Him for His grace on Jubilee’s injury – she’s such a treasure.

And I know I’ve said it many times, but friends, your care, prayers and love for our Ruby and the rest of our sweet pile thoroughly ministers to our souls.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And if I could hug each one of you who have prayed I would!  We love you all so much and we thank the Lord for His goodness in having you all stop by our Place Called Simplicity to visit with us.

And He has said to me,  “My grace is sufficient for you,

for power is perfected in weakness.” 

Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses,

so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. 

2 Corinthians 12:9

11 thoughts on “Ruby, Jubilee and Johnny-boy – Three Updates

  1. Oh this all brought tears to my eyes. That’s a lot going on with your children! May they be healed quickly in Jesus’ name and you all feel God’s presence moment by moment. Life is so hard at times. Right now I’m so tired but slept well. Maybe grief from losing grandbaby #4 is one reason….not feeling ill. I think I’m going to diffuse my Young Living essential oils to help with my body. God bless Linny and dw as you go thru all the medical issues! Hugs!

    1. I am so sorry Becky for your loss. I think it is worse to watch our kids walk through painful, horrific things. We were designed to spend 18 years protecting them and losing a sweet baby is just so awful. I know God uses it for good, but so hard. xoxo

  2. I’m sure you probably know about this, but wondering if you have tried a ketogenic diet with Ruby. I have read about miracles due to this treatment, and just had to mention it. Praying for Ruby and Johnny and so glad Jubilee will not have to have surgery. That is so much on you at once, praying much for you too!

  3. Is there anything I could send to Johnny he would like to receive to occupy him during recovery? And if so could you send me hospital address or your home address, whichever you think would be better?! ❤️

    1. You are so sweet Michelle – thank you!! The best place would be here:

      International Voice of the Orphan
      4605 E Chandler Blvd.
      Suite 110, Box 107
      Phoenix, AZ 85048
      Attn: John

      He would be tickled – so thankful you got to meet him!!

  4. So very touched by your story…praying for yet another miracle or two to come your way. God is the GOD OF MIRACLES, so we know He will accompish HIS will and it will be RIGHT. May God fill you all with peace.

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