What Would It Look Like?

What would it look like?

Seriously friends….what would it look like if The Gem didn’t exist?

Well for starters seventy little ones with special needs would not know the beauty of unconditional love, the feeling of safety, the pleasure of healthy nutritious meals, the little-known comfort of a comfortable bed, sweet-endless joy, lessons from the Gem nursery school, daily hearing that they have worth and value, regular therapies as well as the overriding joy of experiencing firsthand the love of Jesus.

Friends, many of you have been stopping by Our Place for many, many years.  A vast majority of you have watched Emma grow up, visit Uganda for the first time in 2008, watch her accompany me as we brought home our Elijah and Elizabeth in 2008, lead mission teams with her daddy or I, begin dating Josh, go with me in 2011 and stay 7.5 weeks to bring our Ruby home and eventually move there permanently as a single woman on January 6, 2013.

Yes, many of you have watched The Gem become a reality. 76717499_2316599291778678_6556937605127077888_n


Like truly, where would Shakira be if the Gem didn’t exist?

You then joined in to see Josh propose and eventually the celebration of their marriage in The Gem compound with Gems participating in their ceremony.  You have prayed, cried, rejoiced, even fasted for 70 (total) Gems now.

Your prayers and love have been such an encouragement to her.   Many of you helped raise the funds for them to buy a car after Lincoln’s birth.  And many, many, many of you pleaded with the Lord for Lincoln’s very life and God heard our prayers and moved on Lincoln’s behalf.

59857488_10218941405276305_5555831293079453696_o (1)

As of this moment Emma has only been home twice in almost 7 years.  Together now, Emma and Josh have steadfastly had their hands to the plow, focused on all God has called them to while diligently caring for each precious Gem that has been entrusted to them.  

Today is #GivingTuesday and no doubt there are many organizations pulling for your donations, but The Gem – well, you have watched it unfold and you know the Founder and Director is the real deal.  If you missed her very personal story, it’s here.31944057_10216140418933397_7654738182356860928_o (1)

Tony would have never known how to smile without the Gem.

Our commitment and promise is that every single penny is wisely used for the ongoing care of the Gems.  And for the record, not one penny of the Gem money goes to help with Josh and Emma’s personal needs.  Their needs are solely provided for by people who believe in their work and personally support them (they could use a few new supporters, pretty please as their family has grown).

And there’s spectacular news:  This #GivingTuesday a very generous donor gifted a $15,000 matching grant – meaning every dollar up to $15,000 will be matched.  We are specifically raising funds to help with the day to day costs at The Gem. Being a mom with many special needs treasures the financial needs are often overwhelming – the same is true at The Gem.


Precious Joy…she would never have known tender love and care without The Gem. 




Please read Leila’s story and see firsthand the work of The Gem.  It’s truly miraculous –  Leila’s transformational story.

Partner with us today to share in the valuable work of The Gem Foundation today.  Or sign up to sponsor a Gem here.

Remember every dollar (up to $15,000) is matched today – which means The Gem can help twice as many vulnerable treasures!!!  

On behalf of the oh-so-worthy Gems of Uganda  – thank you, thank you, thank you!

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