Another Horror Story….

Pretty sure it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m passionate about adoption. My lifelong dream has been fulfilled with our sweet pile of fourteen treasures.

Is our home perfect? Goodness gracious, not at all. Of course we have struggles – just like you – because we’re human.

Yet the other day I had a brief conversation with one of ours that bears repeating. Why? Because every child deserves a family and maybe someone out there is wondering about foster care, adoption or special needs adoption.

No doubt many are scared away from adoption because most have heard a “horror story” regarding adoption. Personally, each time I hear one I have to bite down hard on my tongue. Pretty sure I could wear a tongue ring (no piercing necessary) with how hard I’ve bit down over the years, cause I’m actually so-over-all-the-horror-stories.

Let’s be honest, there is opportunity for every child (and adult) to make lousy choices, end up in trouble or go sideways. Birthed or adopted – each person has their own free will.

Yet some, while observing an adopted child who has gone sideways will whisper, “Well that’s the one they adopted!” And while I’m not a betting woman, I would definitely put a large sum of money on it that no one has ever whispered when a birth child goes sideways, “Ohhhh, that’s the one they birthed!” Somehow birth kids get a free pass and treasures who came home through adoption are singled out and held to a standard of perfection. Really, I just don’t get it.

And on that note…here’s a little known fact: There are Christians serving in orphanages around the world praying for and with the kids they care for. They are praying and contending for a family for each child.

Our son John is one. People who loved Christ came to visit the orphanage he was in. They told our Johnny-boy about the life-changing message of Jesus and he prayed and accepted Christ. John has told me that after asking Jesus into his heart he began to pray daily and specifically for a family. Can you imagine, friends? Kids praying for families to come for them? [Tears welling.] How can we turn our backs and pretend there aren’t kids in foster care, orphans waiting, all longing and some praying for a family of their own?

John had been overlooked for years while watching his friends leave with their forever families. In fact because of John’s quadriplegia an unkind nanny had told him repeatedly, “No one will ever want you because you are too much work.”

Yet in spite of the regular taunting words from Miss Nasty-Nanny our God was hearing John’s prayers. John told me that even as the years passed he was certain a family would come. And yes, indeed, our faithful God was not only hearing Johnny’s prayers but He was miraculously moving on the other side of the world on his behalf.

Anyway, the other day John asked me, Mom. Do you think our family should have a day of prayer and fasting for Ruby’s left side to be healed?” My eyes welled with tears when he asked.

The kid that most families would overlook because, you know, he was almost 14 years old and a quadriplegic – yeah, that kid suggested a day of prayer and fasting. What amazed me even more was that no one we know had suggested it, just him. What a precious son. Not perfect, but it wouldn’t work if he was, because we aren’t perfect either.

So do me a little favor, next time you happen upon someone sharing yet another horror story about adoption, please share this simple story about our son John:

A quadriplegic adopted at nearly 14-years-old from a foreign country who loves his baby sister (who is adopted from a different continent) so much that he suggests a time of prayer and fasting to petition God to miraculously heal her.

And friends, truth be known, for each “horror story” out there I have a billion beautiful forever-family stories of love, joy and blessed hope. Just ask me.


10 thoughts on “Another Horror Story….

  1. Love this. I still hold out hope that maybe someday God has this in His plan for us. We’re never too old to bring home an orphan, right?!? ❤️

  2. My daughter’s adoption ha been of God from the very beginning. Even now, sitting in a hospital room for the 47 day in 2021, nothing about our story has been horrible. It has been blessed by moments of love, learning, and laughing. Don’t get me wrong, there have been frustrations along the way, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

  3. I have 4 biological children and 2 adoptees who it turns out both have special needs. (We did NOT plan it that way.) My mother and mother in law do not like love our adopted children. So I don’t expose any of them to that. But my point is, both our mothers have biological children who are indeed horror stories. Jail for violent assault, theft even from a 91 year old father, statutory rape… Yet I was asked “What if they turn against you?”


  4. Oh, I LOVE, LOVE this post! And I LOVE your family and your honesty in “telling it like it is”! I’ve been wondering, as I prayed, how beautiful Ruby is doing. And this picture really is beautiful, as is the love her brother, John, has for her and his faith in the Lord Jesus! You and your family are not perfect, but your example of love and dependence in a perfect Father God is so inspiring! Please let us know when the day of fasting and prayer is, so we can join you before His Throne!!

  5. Your sons and daughters are all so beautiful and their prayers are precious to the Lord. 💗 I am the third echo behind Deb and Linda here: please let the Body of Christ know what day so we can all be fasting and praying for His Ruby girl.

  6. I have fallen behind reading some of your blog posts since my Dad died. Just wanted to say our Levi who is 24 (adopted at age almost 14) and uses a wheelchair because of his cerebral palsy is also the one who will just quietly decide to fast and pray for someone in great need. He did that for his 19 year old brother Isaiah after a head injury that caused Isaiah to lose the ability to read for a couple weeks. Isaiah was literally healed right after Levi prayed and fasted and was able to read again. I have told Levi that intercessory prayer is one of his gifts and what a powerful gift to have. Levi sometimes feels like he doesn’t have as much to contribute because of being in a wheelchair and struggling to do things with his hands as well. God knows Levi has plenty to contribute!

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