It’s Starting!

Then you will know that I am the Lord; those who hope in me will not be disappointed. Isaiah 49:23b

Once upon a time I used to think the days went by fast but since Ruby’s stroke they speed like lightening! And for a woman who best expresses herself through writing, well you can only imagine how much is stored up inside….in fact I’m currently duct-taping my head so it doesn’t go BOOM! Ha!

Anyway, while Ruby was in the hospital after her stroke I was deeply regretting how I had never shared the videos of her finished Make-A-Wish wish-come-true!! So many of you had prayed for her and to see her zipping around her Make-A-Wish cement pad was incredible.

But it’s never too late to share the miracles and especially now – I just have to show you…

The video below was taken on October 24, 2020 – almost exactly three months before her stroke. We had been hanging out in the backyard and the sprinklers in the lawn had come on. Ruby had already gone in them and had been soaked. I’d pulled her back so she could go in them again – if she wanted…

Watch till the end – it’s hysterical. Her joy is so contagious – it makes me giggle each time I watch it!

After watching the video, you can understand how brokenhearted we have been that her left side is paralyzed. Pre-stroke, every morning she could hardly wait to get outside and race around on her Make-a-Wish cement pad. Often squealing and racing across and then squealing some more! Make-A-Wish had even put a sunshield up and misters to keep her cool on hotter days.

Anyway, many of you have been praying since her stroke and I cannot thank you enough – God is so faithful. I love the worship song, “Rattle!” (by Elevation Worship) and especially this line:

“You’re not gonna run out of miracles anytime soon!!”

Yes, we believe that God is the God of miracles. He has performed so many miracles in our personal lives that we have lost count! Ruby has been the recipient of many of His miracles…and I’m just so thankful that God will never run out of miracles nor is it in His nature that He would ever say, “You’ve already had your share, I don’t have any left for you.”


He will not run out of miracles anytime soon!

In fact, here’s another miracle…about four weeks after the stroke and with the feeding tube in, sweet girl was so sad. She actually seemed depressed. I had an appointment I had to go to and when I called Dw to tell him I was on my way home he said, “Ruby pulled her tube out and has not stopped squealing for joy!” I had to laugh. Sweet girl had clearly stated, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! THAT DANG THING IS BUGGING THE HECK OUT OF ME!” Dw and I talked and decided we would just try to see if she would do okay without it. And the rest is history…She’s rocking swallowing again and eating well. Thank you Lord!

And yesterday Ruby’s miracles continue…

Ruby has therapy five days a week now and of course we work off and on with her when the therapists are not here doing therapy.

Back when the therapists first came they also asked me what her favorite songs are. I told them worship songs are her most favorite. So yesterday her PT came in with Ruby from working on the sidewalk in front of our home. She had the best news ever and I just have to pause and share this video she recorded.

Ruby’s fingers are actually wiggling trying to grasp the wheel and move it. I burst out in tears – this is Miraculous!

The therapist also told us, “I was playing, ‘My Hands Are Open’ telling her, ‘your hands are open Ruby, move your hands”…” She then asked if I knew the song? I had never heard of it and asked who it was by. She responded, “It’s Bethel Music!!” God is sooo good!

It might seem like such an itty-bitty thing but that’s how it is with stroke patients…the itty-bitty is the brain rewiring and soon it becomes the gigantic miracle!! Keep praying friends – keep praying!


Go ahead….

Take a wild guess what song was is on repeat all day after that? Yup.


In case you are unfamiliar with either song:

3 thoughts on “It’s Starting!

  1. I’m crying as I read this post and watch the videos, remembering Ruby as she was, and seeing how far God has brought her with a whole lot of love and care! Thanks for sharing her miracle!

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