There’s My Trouble…

For those not on FB, Ruby had a massive seizure on Tuesday. She was screaming loudly as the seizure was beginning. She has only screamed twice in her entire life since coming home. Both times were as a seizure was starting. Her screams are so incredibly loud and boy are they ever terrifying!

In the flurry of the seizure starting, the kids sprang into action. I didn’t tell anyone to do anything except, “Somebody call dad.”

My trembling hands got out the rescue meds from the back of her wheelchair and began administering them. One of the kids grabbed the big medical oximeter, the oxygen tank and mask and got Ruby hooked up to both. Her oxygen was at 50% when the oximeter began recording. I’m so thankful for oxygen at home and that we were able to get her on it almost immediately. The type of seizures she has are called Status Epilepticus as they just won’t stop – even with multiple rescue meds! This one lasted over an hour.

Another one of the kids called 9-1-1. Jubilee sat leaning over near her face tenderly whispering that she would be okay. One called Dw to tell him that Ruby was seizing. Another ran to open the front doors in anticipation of the EMTs arriving.

There is a post coming about what happened at the ER, but that will have to wait.

So many folks just can’t envision adoption, let alone adoption of older kids or special needs orphans. Many have heard some alleged horror story of an adoption that went bad, was painful or challenging.

But friends, look at that picture. I didn’t pose it at all.

We got home from the hospital late Tuesday night and the kids came out to the car in a flash to see Ruby and help with getting her and her wheelchair out of the car. They absolutely adore her!

The girls and I bathed, dressed and tucked her in to bed. And then this happened. Elijah was snuggled beside her gently playing with her gorgeous curls as she lay peacefully. They all sat with her for probably at least 45 minutes quietly talking to her and telling her how much they love her. She is their treasured baby sister and oh how they adore her! And Ruby loves them just as much. They definitely are Ruby’s Posse.

Just think – the kids above came home at 2, 3, 8 and 9 years old. Some people think that adoption is “inviting trouble into your home”. Yeah, okay. There’s my “trouble” – right there!!

I contend that there are millions of kids just like mine – waiting for someone to say, “You are mine. You’re stuck with me forever. We will journey together through life and you will never again be alone. We will protect you, encourage you and treasure you. Whatever comes our way, we will figure it out together. You are ours – forever.”

Although they are not perfect (which means they fit well with their very imperfect mom and dad) they are each so incredibly amazing – such treasured blessings in our lives. I’m sure Ruby would agree – we cannot ever imagine our lives without every single one of Ruby’s Posse. The Lord has been so very kind to us.

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