“Yes” to the Dress?

This was just too fun not to share since we have all laughed and laughed at this sweet chica of ours…aka The Wee-Drama Queen!

Our homeschool co-op is hosting a Daddy-Daughter Dance this weekend and Dw is taking Ruby and Birdie. So yesterday afternoon Elizabeth and I took the girls dress shopping at a local thrift store.

For those who think that Ruby does not have an opinion or lacks personality – let me tell you – you are sorely mistaken.

Ruby, well, she definitely had an opinion, loving every second, as evidenced by the pictures. Haha! I always take pictures to send to Emmy when she wakes in the morning so as to share life across the oceans….

It wasn’t the trying-on that caused the drama – it was pulling out my camera to snag a picture. Every dress I put over her head she sat peacefully, but when I would pull my camera out….

“Are you serious Mom? What are you doing with that thing out again? “

“Did you not hear me? Put.Your.Phone.Away!”

“There! How’s that for a pretty picture? I’m even wrinkling my nose for dramatic effect!”

“Oh my word, Mom! Stop with the pictures!”

My bad. I could not stop laughing which seemed to annoy her even more.

With the fourth dress she tried on, we all said “Yes to the dress!” Birdie also chose a dress and was squealing with joy when Elizabeth helped her try “the one” on.

No doubt, she and Birdie will be the belles of the ball with their handsome daddy.

And just like every other young woman dress shopping for a big event – we will save “the ones” for the “big reveal” after Ruby and Birdie are all glam-glammed-up and heading to the dance with daddy.

PS Her wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the dressing room so we just tucked in a little corner of the store and tried each dress on over her undershirt.

8 thoughts on ““Yes” to the Dress?

  1. Love the nose wrinkle!!!! She’s such a hoot. Yes indeed, anyone who has been blessed to be in the presence of Miss Ruby is well aware that she is oozing with personality. Love you guys. 😘

    1. Awww, Michelle, when I saw your comment I smiled big. I love, love, love that you have been around Ruby a lot considering we don’t live near each other. I love that you know her and celebrate her personality. She loves camp too! I miss you and love you friend.

  2. What a beauty and what a teenager. I’m so grateful she and Birdie get to go to the dance with their daddy. I’m forever grateful every time Ruby has a seizure scare and you update that you are going home. I’m still digging my way out this hole of grief, but stories of Ruby and others like her keep me going. Sending you li e and warm hugs.

    1. Awww, Jennifer. I can’t imagine what you are going through. To have a precious daughter, who is total care (and total joy), and suddenly to have they are gone…oh how my heart grieves with you. Maddie was such a treasure and I’m so glad I got to meet her. I pray that God brings you your next little one to love and care for as soon as you are able. Sending a giant hug back. Love you dear friend.

  3. Isn’t Ruby just something?!! Pictures of her always make me smile! Can’t wait to see her and Birdie all gussied up for their date!

  4. Her pictures are worth a thousand words.
    Love seeing each expression Ruby proudly displayed for you. I hope they have a wonderful time.

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