All Glam-Glam & Gussied Up

And just like that, two precious little princesses, who once were discarded and left to die, were all glam-glammed and gussied up to be celebrated by their hero-daddy. Presenting the dresses they said “yes” to!

(Big sissy went along to lend a hand.)

Both Birdie and Ruby were soooo excited to go as evidenced by the smiles!

Jubilee and I had driven to Tucson earlier in the day to spend time with my dear friend and attend her mom’s funeral. We arrived back home just in time to snap a few pictures, tell them how gorgeous they looked and send them off!

After the dance, Birdie walked through the front door, came straight to me and dramatically declared, “It sooooo loud! It sooo loud! It soooo loud!”

I confess that what she was saying actually didn’t even register for a few seconds because all I could really think was how well she formed a nearly complete sentence – Go Birdie Bee! Days later she is still talking about the dance. Just ask her if she had a wonderful time. She will respond, “It sooo loud!”

PS. We have now ordered some headphones for our littlest princess.

10 thoughts on “All Glam-Glam & Gussied Up

  1. Such beautiful young girls they have turned out to be. I can just feel their happiness and excitement. Such a lovely picture of all four!

    1. Thank you Sue!! I will post soon Jubilee’s pictures from Night to Shine. She had a blast there! The girls loved the Daddy/Daughter dance so much. Next year Ruby can go to Night to Shine.

    2. There are special musician’s earplugs that lower ambient noise by 15 decibels. They look like hearing aids, and are comfortable enough to be worn during a several-hour concert.

      1. Thank you! It’s good to know, although with a dual dx of moderate-to-severe autism as well as Ds, I just don’t think the earplugs would be something she’d be willing to try.

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