Dw’s “Medical Event”

I wanted to share with our friends who don’t do FB…

Here’s what I posted on Tuesday, February 28th in the early evening.

FIRST POST: February 28, 2023 – 7 pm-ish

About 2 hours ago Dw was out running errands and had a medical “event”. He was able to pull over and called me but it was difficult to understand him. He has gone by ambulance to the hospital and is being admitted.

I would appreciate prayers for wisdom for the medical professionals tending to him and of course, for his healing.

I am home with Ruby.

Graham is with Dw at the hospital and is updating me.

(Picture taken Super Bowl weekend. All our six sons were here to watch it together with Dad.)


UPDATE: March 1, 2023 – Noon – Phoenix, AZ

Thank you all who have reached out and are praying. It’s so wonderful to know we are so loved. You guys are THE VERY BEST!

By God’s grace, we have a precious nurse who comes on Wednesdays to hang out with Ruby-girl. So I was able to come up to be with Dw when Ruby’s nurse arrived.

He has had many tests but still quite a few to go.

Dw has had a few TIAs in the past so that is one thing, personally, that I am wondering. He feels really lousy and just wants to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.

They have shaved him and the paddles (or whatever they are called) are on him should he need to have his heart shocked.

The Lord’s kindness has been so very evident from the onset of all of this. I am so grateful that our astoundingly faithful God never slumbers, never sleeps and that He is actively working on Dw’s behalf.

Please continue to pray. We are so grateful to not be walking through this alone. xo

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