John and Cindy McCain Came to Our Little City Last Night!

A TRUE American Hero…….and his beautiful wife……The little coveted purple ticket….

Some of the 6,000 people……

Standing in the midst of the “other side”……(Dw, Emmy and Graham)

They are ordinary people just you and me……

We received word as we were headed to our pastor’s conference this past Tuesday that John McCain was coming to our city on Friday for a rally! We wouldn’t miss it for anything. So yesterday morning we got up at the crack of dawn and sped toward home. We went straight to the rally to line up to get in. We got there at 3:15pm to line up and there was already probably a thousand people in line. It turned out that about 6,000 came and 2,000 more didn’t get in. It was an unbelievable night.

Of course, Mr. Barack Hussain Obama had a few protestors on Main Street. My sweet hubby said that he was not a pastor, but a citizen and took our homemade signs to go stand in the midst of them. (Gracious I love his spunk!) We had made signs as we drove the 7 hours home that said, “John McCain for Our Son’s Commander and Chief”, etc. Emma and Graham wanted to join dad and grabbed some of our signs also. Amazingly, the protestors were angry that Dw and the kids were in the crowd. Dw quietly said, “America’s foundation is ‘free speech’…so why do you find us so threatening?” Hmmmm, maybe ponder that a bit young needing to be enlightened person.

My sweet buddy Carie and her fam….
While in the line that snaked slowly for hours toward security, we met some of the nicest people. We live in a very liberal pocket of the state of Colorado and it was invigorating to find wonderful conservative people just like us. We had fun talking to the couple in front of us – whose names were Dwight(!) and Beverly. Dwight is a democrat, but is very concerned about this democrat candidate for president. He told us how he was talking to his grown daughter and shared his concerns and that he was going to be voting for John McCain. His daughter was in shock! She then did her research and said she, too, would be voting for John McCain! Is that not awesome!?!

Our Autumn is a supervisor for an airlines at our airport and she texted me a picture of his plane when it landed, then a picture of he and Cindy getting off the plane and then a picture of him zipping by in his vehicle. We could hardly stand it!!

While in the line with the other thousands of people a young man we had never seen before came to Dw and asked if we would like to stand in front of the podium? We still are not sure why he approached us, other than a special treat from our gracious God!! When he asked we were like – Would we? What an honor! Yipppee Jesus! Our kids were just as thrilled and Emma kept squealing – it was so sweet! They gave us little purple tickets and we were eventually ushered to stand about 30 feet from where John McCain stood and spoke.
I will share more about his speech in my next post, but suffice it to say, he was truly sincere, passionate and inspirational! We walked away with an even deepened commitment to fasting and prayer…..more a bit later….

6 thoughts on “John and Cindy McCain Came to Our Little City Last Night!

  1. WOOHOO!!!! A REAL American HERO for President! A guy who came pretty darn close to paying the ultimate sacrifice for the country he loves. A guy who has no hidden secrets or agendas, no shady advisors and no socialist plans.

    “Lord Jesus, have mercy on our country…mercy we don’t deserve. Please speak to the heart’s of voters to choose McCain, who clearly holds most closely to Your values. God bring revival to our nation. THANK YOU for your blessing on America. May we now Bless YOU. Amen.”

    Humbled by God’s Amazing Grace,

  2. WOW! I got chills reading your post. There’s no doubt that God wanted you there. And I didn’t realize you were in Colorado, where I know the liberals run free…heh!

    What great pictures. I could just imagine the memories you made.

    God bless you and we shall continue to pray in unison that the Lord intervene in a BIG way on November 4th.



    PS I love the song “How Great is our God”!!!

  3. How exciting to be blessed in such a big way! From your state to ours – John and Sarah were in IA today. I so wanted to hear Sarah this afternoon here in Des Moines, but we already had plans to be out of town – big bummer! May God Bless our country and our leaders!

  4. Wow that is so cool. We lived in Colorado two different times and I know there are a lot of liberals there. We are a military family and we too want McCain as our Commander and Chief. We are praying that God continues to show our country grace and not give us what we deserve.

    We too just adopted a special needs little girl through AHH. I found your blog through the yahoo group. I’m so glad Jubilee has a home! I saw her on the waiting list. She has the cutest smile!

    Robin H.

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