Honoring Our Precious Son, Tyler, Happy 23rd Birthday!

Twenty-three years ago a very, very courageous birth mom gave birth to a treasure that would four months later be called our son, Tyler.

When we were waiting for Tyler to come home from Korea I promised the Lord that everytime I saw something “Made in Korea” I would pray for his birth mom…..praying specifically that she would come to know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and that one day they would be able to meet – at least reunited in eternity. How I love that remarkable woman – whoever and wherever she is! And no, when I made that promise to the Lord I had absolutely no idea just how many things are made in Korea!! =)
She gave us one of the most precious treasures! Our Tyler is tender, kind-hearted, easy-going, has the most hysterically funny sense of humor, sensitive, loves kids, extremely smart, is passionate about God and diligently serves our country in one of their elite*forces. We are amazingly proud of him and feel so privileged to call him our son.

Tyler being crazy with Nelly one day last summer when he was home on leave……..

I marvel that the God of the universe would love me so much to bring me such an unbelievable gift from the other side of the world almost 23 years ago. How blessed I am!!

And so today, we honor you, Tyler Dwight, and pray that Almighty God continues to guide each and every step you take and may His all-powerful right hand place an impenetratible shield on your front, your right, your left, above your head, below your feet and may He always be your rear guard. We love you oh-so-much!! Hurry home, precious son, we miss you with all our hearts and we love you even more!!!

11 thoughts on “Honoring Our Precious Son, Tyler, Happy 23rd Birthday!

  1. I am so thankful for your family – to be your friend, for children to be friends, for you to entrust me with your blue-eyed daughter, to pray for the newest babies – I am very honored. Thank you for the Tyler’s service to our Country – he serves with God’s grace and your blessing.

  2. WOW! What home did you get your kids from in Uganda? We are missionaries in Uganda with Calvary Chapel and have, thus far, adopted five Ugandan children (with two bio kids, too). What a special CHRISTmas you will have!

  3. Thanks for the comment–you must not be able to sleep :-). Of course I have heard of Sanyu–my friends Grace adopted Ella from there nine months ago.

    We joke that we are trying to adopt a child from each tribe in Uganda–so far we represent five tribes! Six if you count our bio. kids–one of whom was born in Uganda!

    I found your blog randomly (probably not though as God has a funny way of connecting like minded believers).

    I will email you when I have a bit more time. I need to get six kids ready for the Christmas contata–my husband is the pastor and has been at the church since 8am.

  4. Happy Birthday Ty!…and welcome home Sis! (Mo and I have been reading your blog and we were just wondering what you do to stay busy…ya know, since you are home from Africa and have so much extra time on your hands!?) Praying for you to catch up on sleep…and re-adjust to life in Colorado. May your days be filled with God’s peace, your stockings filled with God’s blessings and your hearts be filled with God’s love. (And may dw have bountiful boogers in his soup). LOL We love you. Mo and Ruff PS Welcome home FOREVER Elijah and Elizabeth. You are absolutely adorable!

  5. I love this post. Tyler Saunders is a true hero. A funny, cool, smart, “super fast” God loving man who loves God and cares about people. Happy Birthday Tyler… and props to the parents to raised such an awesome young man. Love you guys, jen

  6. Linn,

    Thank you for your sweet comments–they mean so much!

    Oh how my military mama’s heart aches for your military mama’s heart . . . knowing that Tyler is away and preparing to deploy. Thankfully our guy has not had to deploy, but I certainly know the ache of deployment after being a military wife for 24 years. . . not from the standpoint of a mama, yet though. Praying for Tyler’s safety. He sure sounds like a GREAT kid so handsome too! I know you and Dwight are very proud of him, with great reason!

    Happy Birthday Tyler! (He’s just four months older than my Bryce) May the Lord protect you and keep you safely hidden under His mighty wing!



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