Our Little African Snow White

Little Miss Elizabeth Mercy is girl through and through. We gave her a Snow White dress and she has worn it all day long. She stands and shakes it like a bell…just so sweet.
She and Elijah made some HUGE progress in the dog arena these past two days. Rett (thank you so much Rett!) had posted a comment when I mentioned them freaking out about our two dogs…Rett said to just hold the kids on the couch and let the dogs walk around as normal….awesome advice!!
BUT they stil would absolutely freak out, screaming basically hysterically (even in our arms)….I finally, over their screams yelled, “Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Is the dog trying to hurt you at all?” Now call me crazy, but I would have thought she would have whimpered her response…But no! Instead she instantly stopped screaming and with no emotion said, “No.” I have to admit it made me laugh. All that hysteria and when asked a simple question the response was so bland.
Before Rett helped me with this dog hysteria we had been making the dogs stay in the kids rooms….which of course, was only prolonging the agony.
Anyway, yesterday Elizabeth was actually letting Polly Pocket (Autumn’s dog) lick her hand….that was huge! Then today Elizabeth called to me to let me see that she was gently petting Nelly. Such a relief!
And last night both slept through the entire night from about 7:30 pm to 7:30am. That also, is huge, huge progress. Thank you for all your prayers! We are so thankful for them as they continue to adjust to life in their forever family!

20 thoughts on “Our Little African Snow White

  1. 7:30 to 7:30!!?? That is not fair!!!! Miss Lucy is going to come to your house to get some sleeping lessons from E & E.

    And that's the prettiest Snow White I've ever seen!! What a dolly!

  2. I totally agree. She is totally beautiful and a princess through and through. I am so happy to hear they slept through the night. I’m continuing to pray about your bonding process with them. I know you are in heaven with your two new precious gems in the house. I am sure Isaiah is having a blast with them too! 🙂 Love you girlfriend, Jen

  3. Oh man, she is beautiful! What a princess! And what a joy, to get to watch their personalities grow & flourish. I'm so glad they are getting better about the dogs – pets are such a precious part of childhood! I love watching the two of you with little ones – it's so fun!

  4. Elizabeth looks so beautiful in her dress. It is so good to hear how they are adjusting so quickly. Sleeping from 7-7. I will be sending you my 2 younger sons in the next few days. Once they sleep that good you can send them back. LOL.

    Lisa from Ohio

  5. Oh how I have missed my blog fix! I have taken the last couple week off to spend precious time with my husband, children and parents. I had no idea how much I needed the time with them nor did I realize how inspired and encouraged I am by the writings of you and other blogging friends. Your family is precious and it is good to see what God has done in the last couple weeks through this Christmas holiday. Snow White is our little Claire’s princess, she has asked for her dress for her birthday 🙂 I can’t wait to post a picture of her on our blog on that same sweet costume 🙂 Elizabeth looks too sweet for words. Many blessings to you family in the coming new year. Lisa C.

  6. What an adorable picture!!! We will have a similar issue I believe with Sierra and the dogs. And my one dog will need some time getting used to Sierra!! But we are so ready……..

  7. HI There, Been following along. Started when Laurie emailed me from my blog, ect.. you know how the story goes. We are found at Journey to Erika, Mayerly and Jhon from Colombia. We have been home 3 weeks. LOVE IT. Will do it again when the Lord nudges. Want to go to Africa next time. I share your heart on so many fronts. This adoption has changed us forever in so many ways. We will be heading back into full time ministry as soon as we feel the right door is open for our family. God Bless YOU ALL! Jan Hagerty

  8. OK, first, I cannot take claim for the great doggie advice! Adeye Salem posted it. She gave some GREAT advice! I wish we would have known it when we brought the girls home!!! So, YAY Adeye!

    Second of all, Snow White ain’t got NUTHIN’ on little Elizabeth! She’s just precious!

  9. I am a lurker, making myself known 🙂

    We have two sweet babies from Uganda…home six months on Friday, and they too were terrified of the dog. Crawl up on our head, scream, and shake scared. We had never seen anything like it. We finally did the same thing…”Look is Piper hurting Grace or Noah?” “Has he hurt you?” “Has he hurt mommy or daddy?” No they would reply sweetly. They finally quit screaming, but it took nearly three months before William finally said, “Pie-Pah I love you.”

    PS- My husband loves people like you…he feels like it makes his desire to bring home as many children as we can for as long as we can seem…well…normal 🙂

  10. Elizabeth Mercy IS the most beautiful Snow White in the land! Tears flowed when I saw your precious girl . . . orphan to princess, yet always, always a daughter of The Most High King!

    So thankful to hear that your babies slept, and are adjusting to the four-leggers. So much new . . . and soon they will be showing Jubilee the ropes! 🙂



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