The Streets of Kampala

Plaintains – eaten at almost all meals each day….this is normal
to see up and down the roadside….. Can you see the chickens in the cages? Dinner anyone?

A Home we passed….just like zillions of other homes
we passed…and what was it we were
complaining about regarding our own home – it was too
small or the landscape needing to be replaced or
we didn’t like it for one reason or another??
Lord, please help me remember the homes
most of the world lives in when I want
to belly-ache about my beautiful home!

4 thoughts on “The Streets of Kampala

  1. Amazing, really, so very humbling. Makes we remember how I felt when we were in China and I said I would never complain about the size or our home again. Hmmmm, I haven’t done so well in that area. Thank you for the much needed reminder of how truly blessed I am. I am going to have Curt print out the picture of the house so I can look at it often, and never forget how fortunate we really are. Oh, and love the pics of princess Elizabeth!


  2. Africa has truly captured a part of my heart, ever since I was a little girl. I long for the day when I finally get to visit such a beautiful country (or maybe even live there!) Thank you for sharing all of these pictures and stories with us Linn. They definately make you realize how blessed we truly are, and helps us realize that there is so much we could all be doing to help God’s many hurting people.

    Jaime DeBruyn

  3. I can really relate. We moved into our home 10 years ago. It was built in the early 1900’s, but is a beautiful work in progress. However, at times I forget how blessed I am and complain about all of the work it requires. Thank you for the reminder that we are blessed beyond measure. In response to your other message, my son, Justin, is a Marine based at Camp Pendleton, CA. Thanks for the prayers as he deploys next month.


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