Tomorrow – Please, Please Pray With Us for Gracie

A few weeks ago I posted about a dear friend of mine and her baby girl from China. I asked if you guys would be willing to join Dw and I in a day of fasting and/or fasting for Gracie. She has a serious problem in her heart and will be having surgery in the morning.
This time zone thing has me a bit out of sorts but tomorrow is her surgery and Dw and I will be joining in a time of prayer and fasting.
I just cannot imagine how difficult to have a child with a life-threatening problem. The thought of heart surgery gives me the willies. She is just the sweetest tiniest little thing, in desperate need of a touch from Almighty God. I am reminded that “nothing is too difficult for Him.” After all, He is Jehovah Rapha, the same yesterday, today and forever.
I wrote to Gayle and asked what to pray for specifically. Here is part of her reply: Gracie’s surgery is at 8:oo am. They still are unsure of the course of the surgery–it won’t be determined until Monday after all of her tests are completed.
1. Gracie to have no fear, no pain. After her cath lab experience, she won’t let me go to the bathroom alone…I can’t be out of her sight.
2. praying for there to be a person in the OR who is praying. When she had her surgery in March of ’07, there was a man on the team who told me later that he prayed over the entire OR, he prayed over the surgical equipment, over the doctors’ hands, prayed throughout her 11 hour surgery and he was right there. That gave me great peace, great comfort. We know the Lord is in the room, we know He is holding onto her heart, yet having someone tangible to hold onto was incredible.
3. Of course we are praying for her surgeon, for rest, for peace, for wisdom, for steady hands. We are praying for success, for Gracie’s heart to withstand all that is going on, praying for them to be able to place a bi-directional glenn shunt, praying for her left pulmonary artery to be much wider than they believe it to be.
4. Also, our other children–this is where the tears start flowing freely. They are so worried about their little sister and they will have ballgames and school activities and general life that mom will not be there for.
5. Pray for Selah’s heart…finally has a mommy and mommy is going to be gone for what seems like a long time. This has potential to interfere with bonding–we know God can just take care of this as well, but are praying He will show Himself to her and grab ahold of her heart, filling any hole this situation may place.
Sweet posse friends, there are just some things that grab a heart and this is one of them. Please pray for Gracie as you would desire others to pray if it was your sweet baby…thank you for being such rockin’ awesome friends!! From Uganda – with love, Linn

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Please, Please Pray With Us for Gracie

  1. I’ve already been praying…Gracie is such a sweet little girl, so full of energy. It’s hard to believe that inside of her little body there are so many things wrong. The Opp family is completely amazing, my prayers will continue until little Gracie comes home…

  2. PRAYING!!! PLEASE share my blog with your friend (roomforatleastonemore (dot) blogspot (dot) com). Our LITTLE MIRACLE had open heart surgery just ONE WEEK after returning from China, on September 30, 2008! Her name is Susannah (if God cares for the lilies of the field, how much more does He care for us! her name means “lily” in Hebrew)! And she is doing GREAT! She is a testament of God’s power and healing! I KNOW how this Mommy is feeling and it is hard for attachment and they make take some steps back but God is faithful and He HEALS hearts both spiritually and physically. Our pastor, Tom McCoy, told me about your family and I have been reading ever since! God is SO GREAT!

  3. I will be in prayer with you all tomorrow as well. I know God cares so much for this little one to allow her to be rescued from orphanhood and be brought into a home which would be able to provide this care for her. Oh – Lord please bring healing and peace to this family.

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