Precious Stops Along the Way – Bloggy Friends & Josh’s Parents

Being as we had all that car trouble we were driving with a purpose!! We were supposed to be at Rett’s by afternoon, but we didn’t get there till midnight. So my man was driven!! We did take turns driving and I would sleep some, and he would sleep some.

The famous arch…..ummmm, not sure what the significance of it is, but hey, it makes for a sweet photo…..With over 900 miles in just one day, and a total of 2146 one way (because we had to turn around and go get the rental) – that’s lots of driving and really, all the kids did great! (Yeah, I know Abi – it’s blurry…hey, I’m not a professional – I can’t help it.) Elijah has started this thing….when I go to take a picture he shuts his eyes and grins…..kind of funny….We stopped for some Starbucks and found a Papa John’s deal – $5.00 pizza! Oh yeah! The kids liked the sign to play under as much as they liked the pizza….

We got to Rett’s home….crashed….and then Sarah and family came over in the morning….so fun to meet sweet bloggy friends in person!!

The kids loved playing together…and the balls were a total hit! (literally)

Rett suggested we take the harmonica with us – ummm, how thoughtful of her, but we declined!! Then we had the privilege of going through Columbus where Josh’s parents, Shelley & Rand live. This was, no doubt, pre-planned by the Lord, since it had only been less than 2 weeks! As I mentioned before, that day we spent with them as the searchers searched we developed an extra special tight bond… only walking through a tragedy together can do. They were thrilled that we were ‘swinging by’. Here is a barn (or maybe it’s a house, I actually forgot to ask) in their neighborhood…..gorgeous!!Shelley and I…..we are friends for life. Shelley & Rand loved meeting our kids that were with us. Tears are never far away, although they smile and have fun too. We had lunch together at their home and the kids played and the four of us adults sat in their family room and talked about that day, Josh, their kids, etc. They showed us the cards many of you had sent. We cried together. We talked about what they are feeling and eventually we knelt together and prayed for a long while. They ask for your continued prayers as they continue to process the loss of Josh and all that that means. And as far as the special request I shared a few days ago….please keep praying!!!! I will keep you posted – promise!! =)Rand wanted a picture of all of us together… you have to peak….do you see the dog that Rand is holding? Liberty is holding Nelly. But Rand is holding Baxter (Josh’s dog)….well let me tell you…Nelly Belly and Baxter were fast friends….they ran throughout their house the entire time. And unbeknownst to me, Baxter has not been neutered yet….and due to the fire Nelly had not been spayed yet. Well the kids said that the two dogs had been…ummm, you know….yeah, uh-huh. So who knows….maybe little Bax/Nel pups will be running around one day. LOL…..And after we left their house… is what Nelly did for hours…..for real – she did not even move….poor girl was plum-tuckered out by that Baxter guy….

21 thoughts on “Precious Stops Along the Way – Bloggy Friends & Josh’s Parents

  1. what a sweet visit. God put you in josh parents' lives for a special reason. wouldn't it be fun if nelly was . . . um . . . in a family way!!? what a fun little reminder that would be!

  2. It sounds like you all are making memories, even Nelly. lol So glad to hear your trip is picking up. We live in MO and I can't tell you what the purpose of the arch is either. If you ever have time to go to the top of it though, it is really cool. The kids would love it.

  3. Hi Linny…
    Wish we could've met you as you made your way through Missouri! I don't miss a day of checking your blog, and appreciate the opportunity to pray for your family and friends. The St. Louis arch was considered (and still is), the 'Gateway to the West,' welcoming travelers since 1967! Have a GREAT rest of your trip, love following along with you.
    Alissa in KC

  4. Those would be some CUTE puppies! 🙂

    I'm glad you got a vacation out of it all afterall. What a crazy adventure!

    Bless those baby's hearts being in their carseats so long. 🙂 You must be playing some fun games and such?


  5. What an adventure!!
    But the pizzas were not papa johns….it was little caesars. Trust me. I know the deal AND the sign 🙂
    Enjoy the journey!

  6. Following your adventures. Also, I found some old .. 2005 .. pics of Jubilee from our visit to PHF that year. Wondering you want them? they are on the PHF – LCV – SF yahoo group in an album. 🙂 Blessings to your sweet family.

  7. How amazing that you were able to visit with Josh's family. They look like such nice people. Put them on our prayer list in church.
    Sounds like you're all having a ball! Take care, stay safe!

  8. Guess you will be having some granddogs at your house. Oh yeah, they will come Fed Ex!! LOL

    Shelley and Rand were so blessed to have your visit! I know what they are going through with the other son. I have the same deal with my daughter that is a missionary. Go figure. At least she was raised to work for Jesus.

    Blessings on your return trip!

  9. Hi Linn and Gang!
    Hope you're having a great trip. I can't believe how closely you passed by my house, I wish I would have know, I could have waved as you drove by! ;0) (I live just off exit 18, on I-70 in Illinois.)
    FYI the Arch is know as the "Gateway to the West", because of the importance St. Louis played in the westward expansion of the U.S.-now you know. And, by the way, you can ride in a tiny little elevator to the top, there are windows to look out of. If you have time on the way home, it's pretty cool.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.

  10. I'm glad you had a good visit with Josh's family. I agree, it was definitely fate that brought your families together, even thru Josh's death. I pray that God is with his family. Hope you continue to have safe traveling. And that is so funny about Nelly and Baxter! 🙂

  11. What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing your visit with Josh's parents. Your kiddos are so darn cute! Funny about the doggies! I'll look forward to seeing what happens with that! =)

  12. How awesome that you were able to visit them!! It is so good to see them smiling in pictures. God gives special grace to us, doesn't He? How funny about the doggies! Those puppies will be adorable! lol!

  13. Oh MY! Poor Nelly- she got more than she bargained for on this trip!! Keep us posted!!

    I am loving following your trip- yes I have finally stopped laughing! It is so great that you visited bloggy friends! What a joy for all of you!

    Shelly and Rand are still in my prayers. God Bless them!

    I bet they may want a puppy!

  14. What an adventure you guys are experiencing and how exciting it must have been to meet bloggy friends and to spend more time with Josh's parents. A true blessing for sure. I am so happy you all are having a wonderful vacation and have enjoyed journeying vicariously with you across the U.S.

    Happy travels to you on your return home!

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