Just a Little Note…..

It’s Thankful Thursday and so I must thank all of you for your loving and kind words. We have giggled and laughed in amazement that so many of you have come out of the shadows too!! Thank you for blessing me so and making me feel so loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you….and I have to tell you….danielle-laryn….you made me start to cry all over again when you posted this:

i wish i could have known you as a child…i would have played with you

Totally changing the subject: I have to tell you a little story. Someone gave us a mattress after the fire. Our kids slept on the floor for months. Eventually we ordered a mattress for us and gave the girls the mattress we had been using. The brand spankin’ new mattress we bought literally fell apart within months of getting it. We talked to the store and we had to produce pictures. They were amazed at how it had fallen apart. They agreed to replace it.

So we wondered what type to buy. We had loved the one from before the house fire but had no idea what type that was. We searched reviews and ended up with the “most popular” brand. Understand, I am just telling you our story. Well within days of getting our new mattress I was waking up in such pain I could hardly stand it. I wake up in pain from the autoimmune stuff regularly, but this was like none other. I was in agony. I often get up and as a last resort I have to take Tylenol or I just get up and spend time with the Lord.

After several nights of this I took some Tylenol in the middle of the night. It didn’t even touch the pain. I was like, “Are you serious?” I moved to the couch. The pain went away. The next night I went to bed, same thing. Pain like out of this world. I moved to the couch and went to sleep.
On the third night of this I asked the Lord, “Okay, what is going on?” So clearly He spoke, “Your mattress.” OH! Hadn’t even crossed my mind!! Yes, that’s another way you know it’s Him…the words come out of nowhere.

Anyway, I went to my computer and googled the “famous” type of mattress that everyone I talk to wants. I found many sites with auto-immune disorders linked with this type of mattress because it is primarily made of petroleum that is formed into a foam that shapes to your body. Well no wonder!!

We had a 90 day warranty and were able to get another mattress that was delivered today. Anyway, by no means am I trash talking that type of mattress, but thought there might be others out there who have had this experience and wondered why they are having a problem with pain while in bed. Others might have auto-immune disorders and are dreaming of this type of mattress….so you might just want a heads up….

Anyway, I am excited to sleep on my new mattress tonight. I thought I would show you our beautiful log bed we have. We no longer have the privilege of living in a log home, so we decided we would have a log bed. We love it. It screams US.

So they came and took the previous mattress this morning and as I took a closer look under the bed, what to my wonderin’ eyes should appear? Looky, looky – a chocolate snitch has been having a hey day under our bed. An entire bag of Hershey Kisses wrappers…what in the world??
I don’t have a kit to dust for finger prints, but I have a strong suspicion that if I did, the chocolatey finger would be pointing at the guy in the striped shirt {right and center} with the widest grin….who wouldn’t be grinning eating all that chocolate, ya’ know?

19 thoughts on “Just a Little Note…..

  1. I knew there was something about Isaiah that I loved! What a sweetie. 🙂 Good "luck" with your new mattress. I hope you sleep well and wake up feeling fabulous!

  2. ha ha ha ha um, I am SO glad I am not the only one who finds those stashes! lol yeah, he looks pretty happy to me! MAYBE More MOMs need to hide under the bed with chocolate! lol

  3. Oh goodness, those little angelic faces! Why in the world would you think ANY of them had anything to do with that, especially that cherub in the middle? 😉

    My daughter is famous for sneaking candy. One time my husband had a roll of Rolos, and he has a knack for not eating his candy right away. Well one day we saw some leftover gold foil in the couch cushions. We knew it was Tommie (then about 3). We cleaned it up, but found more foil a few days later. This went on a few times. Turns out she had taken the whole stinkin' package and stashed them somewhere, saving them for when her sweet tooth craved a little chocolate. 🙂 Little stinker!

    I'm so glad you got a new mattress, and I hope you find relief! What is it about the petroleum that affects your body that way?

  4. Ah, with that sweet grin who couldn't forgive the little chocolate thief 🙂

    Good to know about the bed. I'm guessing Tempurpedic? I have MS and I've been wondering if the foam would bother me. Good to know!

  5. Ok, we have a chocolate snitch at our house too… We were given a huge bag of kisses with "its a girl" tags after our baby was born. I wasn't into them so they stayed up in our pantry for ages. Then I noticed they were all gone. Not long after I did some rearranging and found 30+ pink foil wrappers… under couches, behind the doll house, in the sink cupboards and behind beds… 🙂 All you can do at that point is laugh about it.

  6. Oh my gosh! That makes me laugh so hard because my girl is such a stickler for the rules. She would NEVER think of sneaking a piece of candy. Ha! I guess that makes my life easier but I can't help but think what fun it would be to find a whole bag of chocolate wrappers under my bed.
    They are such cute little sinners!

  7. The first thing that came to mind was "oh no, Linny is going to show us her stash and where she keeps it". With that cute little smiley face in the picture…hmmmm not sure if it could be him, yah think!!! Hugs and love

  8. LInny< i don't have an autoimmune disease, BUT my husband and I are living with my FIL. WHen he went to FL for the winter we started sleeping in his bed. It is one of those mattresses. WIthin a week I was miserable but I thought it was just me. WHen my husband finally complained I let out a hallelujeh! WE moved back to the full size bed and although we are space deprived, our basks don't hurt much anymore (we are old so they hurt some LOL)

  9. Is it bad that I am the chocolate swiper in our house:) When you find your new mattress, would you write a post about it? We are in the market for one soon and could use a recommendation.
    On a side note. I thought of you when listening to Matt Redman's "Facedown" cd. It has touched me so deeply over the years and is a great worship c.d. You may already know about it, but if not, check it out on ITUNES. Very worshipful!

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