Memorial Box -Remembering What He’s Done

It has been humbling and amazing to me that people around the world have fasted and prayed today for the orphan. If you check back on the comments from yesterday’s post, you will see that Char was finishing up her day fasting from her home in the Middle East. How awesome is God!?!!

Can you feel it in the air? God is moving. He has heard the cries and prayers of His people. He has heard our earnest pleas. He has heard. And He is moving.

People literally around the world united for one common purpose – to see the government red tape, bureaucratic rigmarole, pride of judges and lawmakers who hold far too much power, officials who revel in wheeling their titles and even those in high places who have stubborn hearts that do not want to yield to adoptive families….all those bow to the matchless name of

the true defender, advocate and lover of the orphan.

Thank you to all who have prayed, thank you to all who have fasted. Thank you to all who have spread the word.

God’s name was glorified.
His power was magnified.
His might was exemplified.

As I have went about my day today, I have been remembering. Remembering what He has done in the past. Remembering that He does not disappoint. His plans are not always ours, but if that is the case, then His plans are better than ours. Because He sees the beginning and the end. He watches and He moves. He remains faithful.

One of the stories that I kept thinking about today was something that is a Memorial Box story of ours. It was a powerful display of God’s care for the orphan…

When we were adopting Isaiah we knew nothing about him or where he was. We prayed over and over that God would give him HOPE. Hope. Hope. Lots of hope. Our other prayer was that someone, somewhere in the orphanage would be whispering in Isaiah’s ears about how much God loves him.

One day I was speaking with our agency and the adoption advocate said to me, “Oh, I found some news about your Isaiah that I thought you might be interested in.” My ears perked. She had gotten an email from a young woman who was caring for Isaiah. This young woman had spotted him on the agency’s web site and she had written to our agency to ask if his forever family had found him yet.

Our agency worker was thrilled to write back and say that he did indeed have a forever family that was passionately pursuing him!!!

When I heard this that day, I will never forget. I was speaking to her from our bedroom closet {only quiet place in the house}. The agency worker went on to say, “Yes, he is at a Christian ‘orphanage’ called Hope Foster Home.”

I literally fell to my knees weeping. The thing we were praying for? Hope. Where was he? Not just in a Christian orphanage, but a Christian orphanage named Hope Foster Home.

And then the story gets even better. The young woman who was caring for him? Her name was Lynsay. As in – Bill and Lynsay. The Bill &Lynsay who now serve the orphans in a home they started called Morning Star Family Home. Two of our favorite modern day heroes – Bill & Lynsay. They are precious friends – and to think that they were whispering in Isaiah’s ears about how much God loves him, long before we could whisper it ourselves! Only Almighty God. Moving on behalf of the orphan…answering our requests to minister to our precious little boy…

Oh yes, how God cares for the orphan. How He delights in answering our simple requests…like allow my treasure to know hope until we get there….

How about you? What stories are you remembering today? Please encourage us. Please remember God’s faithfulness!!

And if you have something the Lord showed you while praying today or if you have something that already happened and you are someone that linked….please do tell!!

Please link with a permalink. I did have to delete one entry because it was linked with a page that was a blogger sign in. I’m sorry whoever it was. I was unable to tell otherwise I would have notified you. If you would like to yet add your link back, whoever you are, please do. Many will still pray for your need.

Lastly, I just want you guys to know how proud I am of you all…for caring for the orphan and spending your day in prayer and or prayer and fasting –
oh how much I love you all……xo

12 thoughts on “Memorial Box -Remembering What He’s Done

  1. I praise God for this amazing day! My heart was so touched as people from around the world left comments that they were praying and fasting for our family. I want to thank each of you! I haven't yet made it through every blog, but I'm working on it.
    I'm working on a MBM post about what God did. Our fundraiser/drawing ended today, and in the past 24 hours we received over $1,000 in contributions toward our adoption! Only God! We now have enough for our next set of fees – wow! We are humbled at the generosity of God's children.
    Still praying for the orphan and families!

  2. What a wonderful story about how our Father confirms to you about Isaiah, especially coming from Hope Foster Home…

    I have had so much amazing things happening to me through His word and through bloggy friends (though they are unaware of it) that He seems to be guiding me. I can't say yet what it is because it hasn't turned out to be as He seems to be showing me yet… but when that happens, I will share it, for sure, that would be an amazing Memorial Box Monday story!!! I really do hope that it is Him guiding me and that I am actually hearing His voice… I guess time will tell, and so I am patiently waiting for it all to pan out.

    Thanks for sharing, Linny, I am praying for the orphans today 🙂 and by the way, the colonoscopy went well, the doctor found nothing wrong, halleluYah!!! 🙂 praise His name! 🙂

  3. Linny, I want to thank you for the Prayer Challenge today. I have never fasted before. It was an amazing experience and will be fasting and praying more often. It was so encouraging to hear from so many people who were fasting and praying for our family and others! It is amazing to see God's children come together to praise Him and ask for His blessings.
    Thank you Sista!

  4. Oh Linny! What a special day today has been…praying and fasting for all the families…all the orphans…yes, you can feel the Lord moving…there is such an expectancy in the air!!! To God be the Glory forever and ever!!! Streams in the Desert's scripture for today:"Let us run with patience" (Heb. 12:1)….and let us fast and pray with expectancy!!! And we have…the Lord is faithful and His Heart is with each and every orphan…thank you for this privilege…thank you for sharing your heart with us every day…oh how you bless us…oh how the Lord uses you for His glory and purposeful love! Praying unceasingly for you and all the families that posted…and all the precious orphans in the world! blessings & love…cindy

  5. Prayed and fasted today…so many needs but such a great and mighty God! What a sweetheart you are to listen to His call to fasting and help each of us to listen, as well.

    I didn't realize your Isaiah was at Hope…our youngest son Dean was also there, albeit in their foster care program–Shun Yi. We still sponsor a little guy there. We were able to see Hope and meet Joyce in January of '09 when we adopted Dean. I'm going to have to look through his scrapbook from Hope and see if your friends wrote in it!! Wouldn't that be cool?

    Jill, who is apologizing now for throwing her husband under the bus in her MBM post…but in a funny way ;-D

  6. Praising God!! I was able to fast longer than I normally do. I have been fasting one day a week since the beginning of June, fasting and praying for our adoption journey. I normally fast until 3 p.m., by then I am starving! Yesterday, I fasted until 7 p.m. without much of a problem! I had several bloggy friends stop over at our blog to leave encouraging words and tell me they were praying and fasting also.

    Yesterday was such a wonderful blessed day!


  7. Yesterday was truly amazing. It was such an honor to pray for the orphans and adoption related needs. And to have so many pray for us – moved my husband & I to tears each time we thought about it.
    Should have some cool things to post soon – God is moving mountains!!

  8. Linny,
    Thank you for allowing us to join you in storming Heaven for the orphan.
    DH and I were so blessed by all the supportive and loving comments on our blog. We were awed and encouraged by those who joined in the fasting and prayer.
    God did move on our behalf today! We finally got our I800 provisional approval from USC*S. Loooong story. God is good!!! I'll post a linky to our blog. Yeah, God!!!

  9. now you really have to plan a trip to Idaho, my friends who just adopted this year from China, a little boy also came from HOPE homes. This is amazing. GET THIS– Linny, you pastor at River church in Co. My friends pastor at River City church and you both adopted from the same orphanage, and both boys…… oh GOD you are sooooo good

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