Who’s Game For Coffee On My Porch?

So last night I headed out to our little home schooling mom’s {from church} monthly get together.  It’s our Mom’s Night Out.  {Each month we do something different.  Last night it was at Kim’s home – which is across the road from our home.  We had a blast.  I absolutely love these lady friends of mine. Laughed. Solved some of life’s problems. And laughed some more. So glad husbands and kids aren’t allowed.  Just need that time out, ya’ know?}
As I headed home, it was dark.  Really, really dark.  We live in the country.  It was pitch.  I couldn’t even see my car as I headed toward where I knew I had parked in front of Kim’s.  It just creeped me out.  All I could think as I moseyed to find my car was, ‘what if some creepy creatures {ie a skunk} are nearby?’ I scurried holding my breath.
See, skunks have been on my mind, cause there’s this skunk that’s been hanging around our home. I’ve almost felt like we are being held hostage!  Every night, with little exception, there is a skunk that appears to be circling our home.  It stinks on one side.  Then it stinks on the other.  The smell comes through the windows.  He’s sprayed the porch.  He’s sprayed beside the house.  I told Dw, “I think we ought to name him Joshua, cause I think he’s circling the house and on the 7th time, he’s gonna’ scream, hoping the walls will fall down’. The smell has actually woke us up cause we can kind of taste the raunchy smell.  ugh
So as I was leaving Kim’s I was thinking about that tormenting little creature.  When I drove across the road, I climbed out of the car.  I peered around and ran for the door.  Really.  I felt stupid.  Almost 52 years old and running cause there might be that pesty skunk.  I know, right?  ugh.
After some fun with the big kids {and Josh} Josh went home and we all headed to bed.  Emma fed the kitties on the porch.  She walked her puppy out front.  
Dw and I went to climb into bed.  Just as we did, I realized that Nelly had not been potty.  I climbed back out and went to the front door.  Nelly excitedly headed to the door.

I wasn’t fully engaged, but rather weary.  I started to open the door and just as I did, this is what I saw… 

I screamed like a crazy woman and slammed the door shut! I actually wasn’t even sure if Nelly was in or out.  Mr. Joshua Skunk dove under the front porch.  I kept screaming,  “Oh my stinkin’ glory, oh my stinkin’ glory, oh my stinkin’ glory!” Dw, Graham and Emma came running.  
Nelly had indeed still be in the house.  She actually ran upstairs as I screamed.  She ran fast.  I don’t know if she saw Mr. Joshua Skunk or not, but she was certainly freaked out by my being freaked out!
Eventually we woke Liberty up to come see Mr. Joshua Skunk, who after diving under the porch, who reappeared so that I could snap pictures for you guys.  {Wasn’t he thoughtful?}  He ate the entire bowl of kitty food, apparently not giving a care to the fact that about 4 feet from him there was an entire family watching him.  We went and woke up Isaiah.  Elijah woke up on his own.  I guess you could say we were doing a little home schoolin’ in the almost middle of the night…Wild Animal Life – first hand!!
So my question is:
Who’s Game for Coffee On My Porch?

Yeah.  Me neither. 

26 thoughts on “Who’s Game For Coffee On My Porch?

  1. Oh mercy that is too funny! Mr. Joshua is so stinkin' cute!

    Linny will you pray for me? There are certain people in my family who think at 45 I am too old to adopt a child. sigh. It hurts when those closest to me feel I have no business feeling sorry for those people and adopting one of them.

    My brother feels so strongly that he told me he would not be our Eli's guardian. He went so far to tell me I'd be doing the child and myself a disservice and we'd both be miserable.

    Sad isn't it? Every child deserves to belong to a family.


  2. Joshua Skunk will have a cup of joe with cream and sugar please. Not too hot as it might burn his sensitive tongue. We live in the center of town and definitely have a skunk in our neighborhood. The other night the smell was so strong I thought it must be in our garage. Still not so sure it wasnt' as I could smell his scent in the garage for a couple of days. We had another one in the front yard a few years back and upon arriving home late one evening I saw him scurrying across the porch. I called animal control to come and get him and they basically told me "good luck, we don't do skunks." They sure are cute if they didn't stink so bad.

  3. Too funny..He's cute….but he's gotta move! Your porch is definitely meant for socializing and coffee!

    Reminds me of when my kiddos were little. My husband was taking them to my mom's early one morning on his way to work. It was dark and he had one in his arms and the other in the baby seat. He got up on the porch and felt "what he thought was a cat" rub his leg. Then there was another…and another. Not thinking anything about it, he continues on and gets the kiddos in the house. When he was leaving, he realized it was a family of raccoons on the porch! I am so thankful God was protecting my husband and children that morning!

    -A stalker friend in Massachusetts

  4. ok, we just had the same problem, a skunk under our deck that was spraying under our house almost every night.

    keep the food inside for a night or two then put it back out some where that you can aim a pellet gun out a window and shoot him. that is the best way to get rid of him.

    good luck :)

  5. OK, that is too funny but not really because who really wants to be held captive in the house while a skunk roams free? I did laugh though because I was thinking about my oldest sweet boy. He's 9, and ever since he was 5 yrs old, he's been obsessed with skunks. He loves them. He had one stuffed skunk called "Annika." He gave Annika away in a fit of generosity but then regretted it. So one of his aunts gave him another one that he promptly named "Lovely." Lovely still remains his favorite stuffed animal. He's also been designing his future home (which Paul and I are to live in with him forever), and the property contains a "Skunk House" for all his pet skunks. Seriously. I love this loyalty he has to his favorite animal, but seriously with he'd chosen some thing a little more lovable like a cat or something.

    I wonder if that skunk is actually keeping other creepy animals away. You never know…

  6. This is exactly why I bring in the cat food every evening. We found a raccoon on our front porch eating the cat food. There were 4 of us looking out the window, watching it eat. The raccoon eventually picked up the whole bowl & went off into the trees!! Yuck! I don't want any night time visitors……no thank you!!

  7. Hahahahahahaha! I thought you were serious and I was already thinking how am I gonna get there!!

    Is it ungodly to kill the little creature?? I'm sorry I even asked it BUT it's your home … not his!

    PTL Nelly was inside!!

  8. That is funny.. the Joshua thing cracked me..I actually thought about twhat he looked like walking around your house thinking that. Those animal movies make me think that they talk about us. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Hilarious!! We're in the same boat 'cause of the cat food. BUT, our dog has a penchant for getting sprayed – just this week! UGH!! And, at 42, I sprint to the house, too. Creatures are lurking out there!!!! Stinky ones…. love you!

  10. LOL. this reminds me of my apartment style dorms in college – every night you would hear someone scream outside because of the family of skunks that liked to come visit every night. ha!

  11. Oh this is too great. LOL. im game for coffee on your porch. actually. but seriously – maybe emptying the cat food bowl or bringing it inside at night before going to bed would get rid of the stripy thing.

  12. He's cute! (But of course, I wouldn't want him on my doorstep either LOL).

    My mom used to leave out cat food for the neighborhood strays, & got lots of "visitors" that way ;-).

    Blessings, Michele

  13. Too, too funny! This must be the skunk season – my husband work me last night asking what the terrible smell was. I was too sleepy to smell anything, but suggested he might want to put his boots outside or check if one of the kiddos had a nast diaper. This morning my house had been turned upside down, because by golly, he was going to get to the bottom of it! At least I have sparkling clean and disinfected trash cans! This morning, he finally figured out it was a skunk which had made its presence known outside. He has been feeling a bit cheated at having to do all that cleaning in the middle of the night!

  14. Are you even kidding me? Hahahaha!!!

    And the phrase, "Oh my stinkin' glory" has officially been added to my exclamations.

    I will think of you and Joshua each time I utter it. Bwahahaha!!!

  15. That reminds me of when I was in high school. I had a very strict curfew. Well I went to leave my friends house and I was really pushing it on time, when I saw something behind my rear tire…. Yep you guessed it Mr. Skunk taking a snooze!! Well I didn't want to throw something at it cause I didnt want it to get scared and spray. And I didnt want to try to get in my car and start it for fear of getting sprayed. So I had no choice but to wait it out… Needless to say 2 hours later he moved!! Well I never called home in the hopes that my parents were sleeping and wouldn't hear me come in. NOPE! Up waiting and may I say FURIOUS!! I explained my story and waited for the hammer to fall. I think they were trying to figure out whether to believe me or not. But what teenager would ever dream that story up. My mother went to open her mouth…..And just broke out laughing!!! Whew!!!! I still look behind my car at night to this day!

  16. Yeah – our dog was outside our bedroom where the air conditioner vent is – got sprayed – I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sleep, asthma attack, later had a massive headache that lasted for 2 days and felt awful – took many moons a a couple of baths before the dog could even get in the car to be shaved.

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