Elijah Mueller Turns FOUR!

 Our littlest treasure {so far} turned FOUR today.
The little guy whose smile melts this mama’s heart.  

Rather shy and quiet, let me just say, this guy knows how to pray.  He is concerned for those around him and prays with passion.  We know that the man Elijah {in scripture} was “a man who prayed earnestly”….we pray this over our son also….that he will be a prophetic voice, who prays earnestly…

My sweet prophetic promise whispered from the Lord through the song on my playlist “Days of Elijah” {long before Dw found him}…

 If you haven’t read “Our Wild Adventure” parts 1-6 of how Elijah and Elizabeth came home…slide over to the sidebar and read it…you will be reminded of how God loves the orphan and how His surprises are always the very, very, very best…

 Oh Elijah Mueller, you have brought mommy and 
daddy so much joy…how we love you precious son…
Traditional breakfast in bed…
whole grain pancakes with real NY maple syrup…
with a side of fruit…
Our mini Spiderman or not – he still loves his daddy to tickle him…

Another princess attended the party…

 Big Brother Spiderman
 There were glamorous princesses celebrating too…
{the kind mini and big Spiderman needs to 
rescue from time to time}

And closing the party out {just minutes ago} with our 
homemade ice cream cake…

If anyone out there wants to wish our mini-Spiderman 
a happy birthday, 
I’m sure he’d be tickled to pieces!!

74 thoughts on “Elijah Mueller Turns FOUR!

  1. happy birthday, Elijah Mueller!!!! 🙂 I have the same birthday as you!

    I hope the ice cream cake was yummy and you had great fun on your birthday 🙂

    p.s. Linny, his smile melts my heart!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! What a wonderful smile he has! I love the (so far). I too add this in my thoughts when i talk of our little one. I know Gods has plans for our family for a large full family. Im just trusting as I walk this path. Reading your blog is always a comfort.

  3. No way is your baby 4! Oh my, like I have always said- they grow up to fast. My goodness- I can't believe it- happy birthday Elijah!!

    I am lovin his dimples! And I notice that Isaiah has them too- they are so cute!

    Love your family and especially lovin you!!

  4. Happy birthday, sweet boy! It looks like you had a lot of fun at your party, Spiderman! I hope you have a great time being FOUR, and I hope you always keep a tender heart for Jesus.

    Love, from your friends in Michigan

  5. Hppy Brthdy Elijah!!!

    Linni 3 of my former foster babies share Elijah's BD. 2 of them are identical twin girls who turned 4 today also. They had a princess party. 2 little Georgia Peaches.

  6. Happy happy birthday Elijah. Linny every time we sing that song (we sang it Sunday) I always think of you and Elijah and Jubilee. Wishing you all blessings galore.

  7. Happy Birthday Elijah!!!!! That was a fast year!!!! seems like I was just wishing you happy birthday. Are you sure you're not just trying
    to get two out of every year.
    You sure are handsome Mr.
    Elijah! Wishing you many many blessings all year long!!! four is a wonderful age, have a blast!

  8. Happy Birthday to you
    A happy birthday to you
    May you find Jesus near
    Everyday of the year
    A happy birthday to you
    And the best one you've ever had.

    Precious Elijah, you have brought joy to all of us with your sweet smile and all your little antics. I'm so glad you have your forever family. Hugs to you little man.

  9. Happy 4th Birthday from Maine Elijah. We love your middle name! I have to try making that ice cream cake because it looks delicious. My son has to be gluten free so this would be perfect.

  10. I'm a day late but Happy Birthday Elijah! Four years old – such a big boy. Love the spidey suit you are sportin'. May your year be blessed and filled with joy for the Lord!

  11. happiest of birthdays, elijah! it's going to be a great year…i just know it!
    hope you and our clayton elijah get to hang out one of these days. i think it is so special that he was the next elijah to come to the babies home. and now look at you both!! HOME.
    have an awesome day, elijah!!

  12. Happy Birthday sweet Elijah!!

    Linny, trying to email but will not go through for some reason..i know you are crazy busy but if you get time this week and could email i have a couple questions : ) adoption and pastor wife : )
    hugs, love and prayers

  13. These ARE the days of Elijah, right buddy? the Lord has amazing plans for your life! May You be filled with His Spirit at a young age and be annointed to be a Kingdom builder for the King of Kings!
    You are so treasured, even your names are a godly inheritance 🙂
    So thankful for little Spiderdudes like you who rescue princesses and teach grown ups so very much about the ways of our Lord!
    Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy birthday to you Elijah, from Finland!
    Tanja, Andreas, Anniina,8, Noel,7(adopted from Israel), Elmer,5, & V**** 2years old (our foster daughter, born in the Philippines)

  15. happy birthday sweet elijah!! just know you are going to have a wonderful year and that all those prayers that mom and dad are praying over you are already turning into amazing gold in your life. you have an amazing destiny ahead of you. thank you for letting us share in it with you! you have the most contagious smile and i just know that's a gift that God is going to use to spread His joy to others. bless you sweet boy!

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