Thankful for America:
The Land of the FREE 
Because of the Brave.
*  *  *  *
A little town nearby…
Blue Star Moms and their families walking together….
Honoring our children who have sacrificed 
their freedom to protect ours….
{We carry pictures of those whose families are 
unable to attend to carry them themselves….}

 {the three sisters have been with us for awhile now} 

From {some of} our family to yours…
May God bless you today
May we, together, never, ever forget those who have fought
and currently do fight to preserve and protect our freedoms.

Happy 4th of July!

7 thoughts on “Thankful….

  1. Blessed Fourth to you as well. And I will echo Sara's comment about your "crown." Just lovely! (My hair's getting the seasoned look now as well and I'm not going to do anything about it.)

  2. A family in our church lost a nephew this past week in Iraq. Please pray for the T family as they grieve his death. He was 28 years old.
    I love the parade pictures! Red, White and Blue!

  3. i kept tearing up at our parade. so thankful for the sacrifices these men & women and their families make. thank you. love the boys' sign about their big bro. precious.

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