Lovin’ Heading YOUR Way….

Early this morning I printed out the comments 
from the Memorial Box Giveaway post.  
Can you believe that 324 comments translated 
into 73 pages of comments?
We are now going to cut up the comments 
to put into the hat for the drawing.
73 pages. 
Anyone out there willing to help cut?
Hugs and free coffee/tea to the takers.  
Oh yeah, and a beautiful view with a saguaro cactus 
behind our backyard and giggles from some of the cutest treasures on earth.
I thought we would do the drawing today.  
At this rate we may be cutting for weeks {haha}.
Seriously tickled to have so many of you respond!

8 thoughts on “Lovin’ Heading YOUR Way….

  1. Unless you are having a scissor cutting lesson, you could use Random.Org That's what I do for my give aways. Just enter the number entries and it randomly selects a winner for you.

  2. I was going to recommend random.org, as well. Just enter in the numbers 1 to 324 and see what pops us. Then, count down to that number comment and you have your winner!

    Unless, part of the fun is cutting while you socialize 🙂

  3. I'd love to see the cactus. 🙂 I've been reading Zane Grey books that are set in Arizona for a taste of somewhere warm since it's cold here in the northeast. They definitely make me want to travel to the southeast some day…

  4. DO you know that there is a free program online called random number generator? I used to cut up comments for giveaways too but now I save the time and paper and ink and just use the random number generator instead. Just thought I'd pass the tip along for future use in case you wanted to save the ink and paper.

  5. I would have LOVED to help…Next time for SURE…
    And…if you are in my neck of the woods…Seattle area…do stop in for a chat…call ahead though…I would die of embarrassment if you saw my bathroom right now!
    Blessings dear friend…

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