An Idea {or Two or Perhaps, Even Three}

Yes, I do believe the Lord gave me an idea, two ideas actually for those in the midst of an adoption.

But first some thoughts.

Many of you have written private emails since I started the series.  I am going to see about answering them, generally speaking, over the next few weeks, in this series.  Because there are enough bloggy friends asking the same questions, there are probably a whole bunch more wondering as well.

In the meantime, I feel like there are two or even perhaps three things we should do as bloggy friends.

However, life has me tied up for a several hours {praying that this morning’s situation will someday be a Memorial Box Monday story as well.}

Soooo if you are in the midst of an adoption, check back later.  Lord willing, the idea that the Lord gave for you bloggy friends, will be written and posted as soon as I get ‘untied’. 


3 thoughts on “An Idea {or Two or Perhaps, Even Three}

  1. huh. I can't figure out, with fifteen kids and one grandkid, how it is that life has you "tied up" for a while . . . . 🙂

    Praying with you that this morning's issues will soon be a Memorial Box Monday opportunity to share God's faithfulness!

  2. Excited to read your ideas! We are in the midst of another adoption, trusting that the Lord will meet our needs for travel – we have nearly finished the adoption fees. (We are adopting a 5 year old from China). We would love some fresh ideas!

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