A Little Video Peek into Our Morning…

It’s been a busy time here.

I know it has been for all of you as well.

We are so grateful that in the midst of the special days together as family….we get to celebrate another birthday…

Last night Elizabeth Mercy appeared after she had been tucked in.

She was holding one of her front teeth….

And today, we celebrate her 7th birthday…our New Years baby girl….

Forever grateful that we said, “yes” to bringing this treasure girl home….

Nehemiah thinks this whole birthday thing is a pretty cool deal at our home…
Autumn and Aunt Kiki skyped in with us as we celebrated 
breakfast in bed with Miss Elizabeth….

Homemade donuts compliments of Emma
{oh me.  they were delicious and could easily be addicting..}
And lastly, as we were celebrating our morning birthday tradition 
of breakfast in bed, the chaos, joy and noisey laughter
I thought just maybe some of you might want a little
impromptu peek into living in our large family…

And if you should feel like wishing our spunky birthday girl 
a very happy one, I’m sure she would totally enjoy it..

37 thoughts on “A Little Video Peek into Our Morning…

  1. Elizabeth – Girlfriend – we love that we get to know you in person! You are a delight and your spunky attitude and huge smile light up any room you enter. God bless you this year as you continue to grow closer to Him. Happy 7th Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!! Those donuts look yummy!!! And you look Beautiful!

    But Linny… I was just getting comfortable and the video ended! That was waaaaay to short!!

  3. Happy 7th Birthday Elizabeth! Sound like you had a fun day!!! Congrats on losing your first tooth too…Exciting times! Hugs and love to you and your family.

  4. Dear Sweet Elizabeth, you are such a special young lady, blessed by the Lord to be able to understand and serve others in a special way. I love reading about you on your Mom's blog (and all your brothers and sisters.) I have a big family too, the oldest of eight. God is with you! He is mighty to save! He takes great delight in you; he quiets you with his love and rejoices over you with singing.
    Love you, sweetie, and may God bless you with an awesome year! Annalisa

  5. Happy Birthday, Elisabeth! I have commented several times on blogs about your smile because it always makes me smile. A missing tooth only makes it cuter!

  6. It's hard to believe that she has grown from that tiny little bug raising her hands and praising God under a pavillion to now, a very grown up seven year old and missing a tooth!! You are beautiful Elizabeth! Enjoy your year.

  7. I started reading this blog when Elizabeth first arrived, I cant believe that she is already 7. What an amazing blessing she is… my eyes were so opened to the Heart of the Father with her story. Jesus bless Elizabeth on her birthday Father. Amen

  8. What special way to say, you're number one today!:) Love being apart of your sweet girl's birthday!

    Happy Birthday, beautiful little lady!

    Would Emma share her homemade donut recipe?

    Have a great day!

  9. Happy Happy #7, beautiful Elizabeth Mercy! God has great plans for you and I'm so glad He brought you to your family. Have a wonderful tooth-less birthday! (: Love from Texas!

  10. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Your joy shines through your smile. You must be so much fun to be around. Maybe one day we can actually hang out. My kids would love that. Lori

  11. Isn't it funny how when you read another person's blog (even if they have LOTS of children) you picture their home so much more quiet that yours? Thanks for bringing my imagination into reality. 🙂

    And happy birthday Elizabeth Mercy! We have an Elizabeth (our oldest) and our baby girl's middle name is Mercy! So I think your name is almost as beautiful as your great, big, warm, precious smile!

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