The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far,,,,

I know I have been harassed for the sick pleasure I get from sharing some of the extra special things in our lives in crazy {and perhaps annoying} ways…

I can’t help myself.  Honest, I can’t.

On that note…

is there anyone out there who is a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables like our family is?

Ya’ know…

We’re the kind of family that has watched it over and over….

Clean, entertaining, teaching great moral principles, etc.

We know most of the lines by heart…many in our home call it their favorite movie of all time.

So there is a line in the movie where Gilbert Blythe’s father turns to Marilla and says,

“Well Marilla, I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, does it?”

Well apparently, 
in our family, 
the apple doesn’t fall from the tree…

Just before Christmas Abi, Ryan and Finn came to stay on their way to Christmas in Colorado…

We had not seen them since Autumn’s wedding.

We all cheered and were running outside into the dark of night when we saw the lights from their car….



Shouts of joy…

Abi was the first in the house as we all headed toward the door…

Once inside our well lit home…

Abi whirled around and stood with her arms at her side….

I was right behind Abi, carrying Ruby….and I stopped in my tracks.

As my eyes adjusted from the darkness to the bright foyer lights I stared….

Was I seeing her right?
They had kept their ‘lil’ secret…because they wanted to tell us in person…
They are in the midst of adopting another little African/American treasure…
and will continue and raise these two as twins…
She’s due in March {and is just about SEVEN months pregnant!}..
~ due the day after Dw’s birthday ~
How stinkin’ fun is that?
Grand-treasure number 3 and 4 are soon to arrive
and this Mimi and Jaja couldn’t be more tickled…
and no doubt, the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree…

55 thoughts on “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far,,,,

  1. How in the world could they keep sinch excitement a secret?! I know I never could…we make phone calls as soon as we see the "purple stripe." 🙂 What a blessing, though, to find out in person! So much excitement all at once for their little family (we, too, are expecting a birth and hoping to finalize a foster-adoption at the same time). Congratulations to the whole family on the wonderful new additions!

    1. Although back in the day there was no "purple stripe"…the second I found out we would tell everyone we knew…we were overjoyed!

      Congratulations on an upcoming birth and finalizing a foster-adoption – I LOVE it!

  2. Oh my goodness! How could she have kept that secret!??? I never could have, good for her! So fun!Congratulations to you all and Happy New Year!!

  3. Oh, Linny! Congratulations!! How exciting for you all. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am always encouraged and you are helping me to form my thoughts and convictions toward orphans through every post. I love that God has lead me to this Simple Place. 😉

  4. That is so awesome! Congratulations to all of you! Wanting to see your reaction must have been why she was able to keep such big secrets…I'm sure you didn't disappoint her! How fun!!

  5. What a most amazing surprise. And she is the "winner" for being able to keep that a secret. That is so much fun!!!! Way to go Abi. Congrats to all!!!!

  6. YAY! Such exciting news! Your daughter has awesome secret keeping skills to keep that one from you. I could never not tell for almost SEVEN months. Also, I know it's not right to envy, but she is an amazing looking seven month pregnant woman! By that time, I was always a swollen, bloated, hormonal, zitty mess. Congrats again!

  7. We love, love, love Anne of GG!!! We have had parties w/ it as the theme-dressing up and eating certain foods. We even took a trip to PEI to see all there is to see of Anne-with an E. it isn't too expensive to stay there, but $25 to get over the bridge BACK to the mainland (and that was 3 years ago). Such an amazing trip it was.

    1. Trying not to be jealous about your PEI trip….I would love to do that – such a beautiful area…knowing that she never really existed by LMM created a life-like hero {in our humble opinion} through her writings…amazing.

  8. Aww! How exciting for everyone! Congrats!

    I do have 2 questions though…I must have missed something…grandkids 3 and 4 soon to arrive?? I thought Finn was your only grandbaby…What have I missed?
    And the second question…What is up with you wearing slippers? In Phoenix non the less??? LOL! You crack me up! I'd be wearing flipflops, swimming and eating ice cream…Can you tell I'm a true Canadian??? 😉 We've been enjoying a balmy -8 degrees celsius. Trust me that's warm compare to the
    -35 C SK had Christmas Day!

    1. Hey Marie,
      Soooo to answer your questions….Abi and Ryan have Finn…and will add baby #2 {adopting AA} and #3 -bio little boy she's pregnant with AND then Tyler and his wife have a little girl born 3/2/2012…because of our son's job he prefers that we not mention their little treasure very much nor show her picture in the header, which I honor their request…

      As for your second question…..we have tile floors in our home that cover cement and they are HARD on my 54 year old legs…so I wear cushy slippers for comfort…and as hot as Phoenix can be in the summers, during the days in January it is freezing {to me!} so the slippers also help keep this silver-haired mama warm…

      For the record, if it was in the low hundreds of the year, I would be okay with that!! I love the heat – LOVE the heat…..and don't ever get tired of it…

      Just reading your temps sent the shiverys up my spine – brrrrr – and that is precisely why I do NOT live in Canada! I'm a wimp. I confess it right here and now!

      Bring on the heat!!

    2. Oh…totally forgot about Tyler's baby. Totally understand not mentioning his treasure too much. Often think of you and your family and all you sacrifice for North Americans.
      Sorry I couldn't resist teasing you about the slippers! You're a good sport! 🙂 Truth be told one does acclimatize. My sister lives in VA and we love to tease her about being a wimp. We love the heat when we get it…all 3 days! lol!!

  9. Wow – what a great gift – and such a surprise to share in person – I really LOVE that!!

    Great joy for y'all – and many heartfelt congratulations!

    hugs – aus and co.

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot even imagine keeping a secret that long!!! I never could wait the first three months with every one of ours!


    Love you, sweet Linny-Mimi!

  11. congratulations! 🙂 how so sweet!

    and happy belated birthday to Elizabeth! I hope you had a lovely day!

    and don't forget Jubilee's birthday post over at my blog 🙂 (you may have missed it due to Dw being at hospital, I'm so glad to hear that his heart is very healthy, praise YHWH!)

  12. Congrats!!! How in the world did they do that? The secret I mean, ha! Anyway, can I just say Abi looks radiant, and you are the BEST-LOOKING Mimi I have seen in a long time! You look more like Abi's sister (and she looks young!). 🙂 And Miss Elizabeth … 7 already!?! Happy Birthday to her!!!

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