NOT on MY Watch

Today friends around the world have begun to pray and fast saying,  
“Not on My Watch” 
in response to the post I wrote two days ago
regarding the future of adoption given the recent 
decision in Russia to ban all US adoptions. 
The situation is extremely serious.
We must not take the cavalier attitude that says
“Russia has closed their doors before
 and reopened them,
they’ll do it again.”
That says to me: 
“Ho-hum.  It’ll all work out.  I’m busy.  Don’t bother me.”
There are little ones, like Chance Michael,
{pictured below} 
who met his family and are awaiting  
court date in January 2013.
Another bloggy friend wrote and asked for specific prayer
for the L and W families in Mississippi.
One is bringing home one little boy, the other family – two little boys.
The P, L and W families represent three of the 46 families 
who have met their child{ren}
on a previous visit/court time
and have court dates for finalizing their adoptions
allowing them to bring them home.

In light of the prophetic picture/word the Lord showed me 
{you can read about it here}
over three years ago,
this situation is extremely, extremely, extremely serious.
We must pray.
We must fast.
We must not assume anything.
Not to mention the countless orphans that fill orphanages
longing to be held, loved and cared for by a family
of their own.

Today as we fast and pray,
I urge you to join me with an attitude and posture of repentance for:

 ~ our apathy toward the 
needs of 
the orphan, 
the widow, 
the vulnerable, 
the oppressed

~ our selfishness

~ our failure to care about the things that
 really, truly 
matter to Almighty God

He is the only one that can allow these 46 families 
to bring their children home.
He is the only one who can reverse this law 
that has been signed
by President Putin.

Our God is definitely able.

I am reminded of our Isaiah’s situation back in 2007.
Due to an unintentional mess-up in paperwork,
Ch*na, after telling us ‘yes’, reversed their decision and told us “no”.
We were beyond devastated.
We chose to pray, plead{and fast}
calling on the only one who could make it right!
We then chose to send a package to the Ch*nese government 
explaining what had happened.
We even enclosed a video we had made with Emma, Graham and Liberty 
pleading with Ch*na to 
reverse their decision.
From March 19th we waited – not hearing a single word from Ch*na.

Many of those who knew the situation said,
“Give up.  
Ch*na never changes their mind.
We refused to give up!
Isaiah was our son and we knew that we knew 
that we knew that our powerful and mighty God would bring Isaiah home.
Weeks passed.
From March 19th – the remainder of March scurried by.
Not one word out of Ch*na.
We continue to pray and fasted regularly.
April came and went.
Not one word out of Ch*na.
We continued to pray and fasted often.
Friends and family joined in fasting.
Our church had a day of prayer and fasting.
The month of May came.
Around that time, the Lord gave me a prophetic word:
“By the end of May you will hear.”
The days in May slowly passed.
I remember saying to Dw, 
“Even if it means that on May 31st
at a few minutes until midnight we hear, 
I know we will hear before the end of May”.
After all the days spent on my knees and in fasting, the Lord had given me 
{and my prayer partner Chelsea} 
a promise from the book {of all things!} of 
“Those who hope in me, will not be disappointed.”
Isaiah 49:23
I clung to that word
and it gave me a 
confidence that He would rescue our precious son 
and bring him home to the family who so desperately longed
to hold him.
In perfect keeping with God’s promises, 
on May 29th, 2007
we received a phone call.
China had reversed their decision, 
they would allow us to bring our son home!
Do you know what Isaiah means?
“Salvation by God”
ALmighty God is the only one who did it!
So too, we contend together for a release of the treasures 
being adopted by 46 families
and a reversal of the law that has been signed
so that all orphans in Russia will be allowed to come to the United States
to families longing for them.
We cannot idly sit by:
Not On My Watch!
Thank you for joining together.
“Those who hope in Him, will not be disappointed.”
Isaiah 49:23
He is faithful.
He can move.
He can reverse this law.

27 thoughts on “NOT on MY Watch

  1. I'm too sick to fast right now, but absolutely will be praying!! I started my adoption process in Russia before the doors closed to me as a single woman in the regions where my agency worked and God led me to my daughter in Guatemala, but I've always had a heart for Russian orphans. Praying…

  2. praying today with all of you. this hits very close to home as our 2 boys are both former Russian orphans. We love Russia and we love these children. I know the issue is bigger than Russia alone, but Russia will always hold a tender place in my heart. I'm asking the Lord to use His people in a mighty way to make an impact on the world for orphans to find homes and families.

  3. We also need to be praying for the US government. Articles yesterday said that the Putin signed this law in response to a law that the US had just put into effect. I think we need to pray for softening of hearts in our government as well, and a huge sense of responsibility for children all over the world.

  4. Not that I don't agree with your posts on this subject. But maybe there is also something else going on. Maybe the Lord is showing us another country-or our own- that we have overlooked the orphan? Maybe the doors will open up in an area no one has thought of? Just a thought. Thank you for your willingness to blog about our precious Lord! Your blogs truly are a blessing.
    Blessings, sue

  5. Thank you for these words. We are right now waiting for our referral from Russia and truly believe that our daughter is there and that the door will be opened. This has been devastating for our family, and everyone we know is praying with us that they will see that this is not the right decision for these children.

  6. Praying and fasting…

    Oh Mighty God, move for the glory of Your Name. Remember we are dust. Let your loving kindness fall.. rescue, redeem, and save! Forgive, God Mist High!!!Because of the world's selfishness, my selfishness, children are perishing. Do this by Your mighty hand…it can only be done by You. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Lord God, it is obvious that your people have turned a blind eye to the least of these. May I be so bold to ask You for the sake of the ones who want to do something, would you close those doors? For the sake of the oppressed, oh God? Open doors, open husbands and wives hearts that are blind. Send me! I am willing and there are so many more that are too. You are the God who made bushels of bread and fish out of so little. You can use this remnant for Your glory, there is no doubt. Have mercy, Mighty One, heal and save your precious ones. In the precious name of The Redeemer, Jesus. Amen!

  7. Praying today Linny. I have been more emotional than I thought I would be. I even shared what is happenning with my five year old son, & his response was "I'm going to pray hard that those kids will have mommys because that is too sad."
    Then we (re)memorized that verse:
    The prayer of the righteous man is powerful & effective. !!!!!!!
    Evertytime I look at my 3 kids today I cant help but say I will do whatever it takes to the Lord!

  8. teamgile, I agree. Maybe God would open our eyes to others who need families. But what of the ones waiting? The ones who already know those US parents as their own Mom and Dad? What of them? I truly hope for more countries to open and promote adoption in their own borders (domestic) and outside their borders (international). Children are children. And they all need families.

    Praying and fasting today too.

    1. I'm not disagreeing. Just trying to look at it in a different way because it is so heart breaking. I hope I didn't offend. I just was trying to find the silver lining. I've been praying as well and will continue to. It's so hard to imagine the benefits of this law. Everyone loses. We lose, the children lose, the Rus*sians lose and list goes longer and deeper. But God is mighty and has a plan in all this.

      Blessings, sue

  9. I could not believe the news myself yesterday….Russia's leader putting a ban on adoptions! One boy getting send back wrongfully ruining life for others? Life isn't easy but they should look at the good adoptions do for many of their children they let languish in orphanages! I am praying along with you that this ban will be lifted. The families that have court dates should be able to get their children. I am putting a link to your post on my blog! Today. Right now. Hugs!

  10. Praying and fasting with you today, Linny! I, too, have had to repent before God for all the things you mentioned, and I am crying out to Him today on behalf of not only those precious children in Russia, but that He would pour out His spirit of passion and compassion on the body of Christ, that ALL of us would rise up and TRULY be His hands and feet in this world – not only to the orphan, but to ALL who are vulnerable, in need, and oppressed.

  11. Dear Linny, Friends at our church are another family directly affected. The "D" family has already traveled to meet their little girl and have been waiting for the court to sign. I prayed and fasted along with you for all these families and their children.

  12. Praying and asking God for mercy. Trusting in the only One who made it rain. I too will look for the cloud on behalf of many families waiting and those who have been promised that they to will be able to go. Lord of Heaven and Earth, please forgive us. Let it start with us. Not finger pointing at Putin. You alone hold the Kings heart in Your hand. Mercy Lord please, in Jesus name. ~Trina Scoda

  13. Dear Linny, thank you for praying on behalf of all the children waiting for their families. We traveled last november and met our precious daughter. Our Dossier is ready to send to court. This is so heartbraking but we'll keep praying and fasting. We won't give up. Your words are so encouraging and I needed them during this hard time. Love and Blessings!

  14. I have joined with you today with fasting and prayer. This is the first time I have ever fasted like this. I wanted to thank you…it is indeed powerful and something I will certainly be doing again. Thank you for sharing your determined and heartfelt words, and encouraging others to call upon our gracious God knowing HE CAN do this!

  15. Dear Bloggy friends I had a long write the other day and I lost it. But today I just come with a heart felt of need for your prayers we are one of those 46 families who are crying out to GOd for Mercy and to bring our baby home Chance Michael. Bless Linny for thinking of us after she heard about what was going on in Russia we are the P family and that is my Son and My husband and I in those pictures. We had court Dec 21 when all this craziness was finalized by Duma and the Judge granted us a POSTIVE VERDICT for our son. I dont understand how they could say we cant get him. I am trying to Believe GOd for something that is bigger than me. Threw out this 2 year Journey we have always needed a Miracle. THis adoption didnt end up as it started but God has done even better. I just cant imagine Him not finishing it, His Word says He who has started a work will complete till the end of time. He has done great Miracles in this adoption. We are a normal homeschooling family who took a step of faith to do something we felt like GOd wanted us to do and He has literally lead us along the way and we gave followed. Tonight I need prayers for strength, I am weak and when I am Weak He is strong and I am broken along with so many other families. I admire Linny and her family she is so strong and has been through so much and seen God do so much I pray God will give me the faith she has. I am thankful I am not going through this nightmare alone I have you all praying for me. This journey has been a lonely journey. If you had read Linny blog 3 and half years ago it is true we have experienced this we thought so many would be excited for us in adoption but unfortunately that is not what it was. WE lost friends and even family over this. It was like we had the plaque and they was afraid we would ask for something. WE had people block us from face book because we tried to fundraise. It has been a very hard Journey but God has been our strength and I am very thankful in the end He has given me this blog I can count on to pray for us. and the others who are going threw this right now. I am thankful the few who have stayed tried and true but many it was to much. WE went to churches to share our story but only 3 would let us in, in the last 2 years. Linny what God told you 3 and half years ago we have walked it out. I do TRUST GOD but my question is do I trust Him enough to give me something so special as little precious little boy we have met twice 7 times total. How can you love someone so quick. It was easy! I have had to give him back to God. When I was on the plane coming back God gave me the verses Psalm 113:6-9 Far below him are the heaven and the earth He stoops to look. 7and HE lifts the POOR from the DIRT and the princes of HIs own people! 8 He SETS them among Princes even the Princes of His own people. 9 He gives the Barren women a Home so that she becomes a HAPPY MOTHER. I am walking in this right now it was the last thing he gave more that Sunday I was on the Plane. I say as Linny says, "Not on my watch." I will pray I will fast and keep on. We are moving forward our Agency one I feel is the best is telling us to go ahead and buy tickets so we are on the 2nd of Jan by FAITH and we are leaving the 19 of Jan our VIsa will be in at 12 noon and we leave 5:45pm we pick "BABY" up on 21st. Leave his area to Moscow US Embassy 28th to come home Feb 1 or 2nd. We are taking it one step at a time. I thank you for your ears. We will blogging it all from Prayers so appreciated and Needed. Love AnneP

  16. I had to give you an update I dont know where you want to post update but we are shouting at the roof tops. God is amazing.

    I can now formally announce we are leaving to bring our precious little boy home next Saturday the 19th. We get out Visa at 12noon and we fly out of 5:45pm. We will be coming back in Feb 2nd at 3:45pm. We will have to go threw customs and Immigration 1st. Anyone that wants to come we would love you to be there to make a HUGE welcome party. Bring your balloons and Banners and MAKE NOISE!!!! He will be the 1st Orphan of the new year to arrive safely in Georgia after all this mess. I am still in shock I think but so very thankful to God for answering these very urgent prayers on these babies behalf. God loves the children. And I thank the President for having mercy he has given us a window of time. and ALOT could have happen in a year so dont expect the worst think the best and take it one day at a TIME. GOD can do the IMPossible. I believe. Thank you all for praying and laboring with me we are about to birth a Spunky determined little 12 lb two year old… Chance Michael. Cant be more thrilled. WE are still praying for the little one we fell in love with over there Hope Rosemary we call her she is precious.


    You want to hear something really cool. 5 nights in Moscow at a HOLIDAY INN off Lesnaya Ulitsa for DRUM ROLE……. $200.00 total for 5 nights. God is so good!!! This is unheard of. I thank God for my husband priority points where he travels some. Those nights have payed of BIG time. The hotel is usually 301 a night. ouch. Is anyone going to be in Moscow Jan 28 through Feb 1nd. Just wondering would love to see some friendly faces?

    I know! Just pray for the food situation we have no refrigerator. The food is 25 Euro a person that is 33.00 a person but Adam and Chance would be free but who can eat that every each meal so we need to FIND a really nice authentic restaurant we can walk too. Everyone walks that is what they do even in -12 degree weather it is 2nd nature to them. I am sure God will work this out I am writing the manager and asking if he can give me a package deal on food that would be excellent if he would give me a PACKAGE deal. We shall see. Pray for a 2 bed room non smoking room. Chance has hard Surgery and dont want him around that. will not know what Kind of room a standard is till get their. Its Russia they are not like american when it comes to rooms but they look beautiful from what I have seen and has great reviews.. so really excited!

    So that about sums it all up where are. We still need Miracle provision and we need Miracle with the food situation at this one place. I love you guys and I know you are praying. And I am not giving up believing God can change it even in a year time to be adoption again. I will just keep praying. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. YOU have blessed us so much by just praying and fasting.. I am amazed at God! My mind is blowed.

    I am praying for you heart and missing your baby girl right now regardless of order she was born she is still your baby. and I know you miss her.I am so proud of her she is living the dream I could of did but I chose the wrong way. I am proud of her choosing the right way, Gods way. I thank God for Grace but it is awesome to see young one sold out for Jesus. YOu are a remarkable women and Mom Linny. Pray to God that I can be a wonderful fun spirit filled MOM too. That our lives will get back to normal when Chance get home. SO excited that you have a grandchild on the way so special. Pray for my in laws to accept and love our adopted baby like our own. You dont have to print this just trying to get to you. I am going to send our son who will be 15 in March on a mission trip with your husband group maybe end of summer if we can raise enough money. I pray he is doing better. Love the donuts cake that was awesome I meed to try that sometime. Kids would love that. Blessings AnnePetitt

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