Sunday in Uganda

We’ve been without power two different days already so 
again I was unable to post this last night.
The GO team has had the privilege of staying at Emma’s 
new home which she rented alone recently…
it’s beautiful and huge and amazing and
no doubt, God is getting things ready
for the ministry He has called her to.
It’s been such a blessing to be with just Emma, 
her friend, Lynne, who is here serving for a short time,
our team…so personal and intimate…
lasting friendships being built, 
common experiences, deep prayer times together as a team,
ministering on the streets, in the orphanages and in ministeries we love to serve at –
it just doesn’t get better than that.
This GO team is a precious group of ladies whose
hearts are purely surrendered to only pleasing Christ.
It’s a beautiful thing. 
We were able to worship yesterday at a church out in the countryside.
The pastor and his wife are both beautiful inside and out.
The church is the same denomination that Dw and I pastored for almost 20 years.
Which is super cool to me!
The pastor and his wife have a burden for the orphan and truly 
believe that the church is to lead the way in caring for them.
They have built their church {and others now as well}
with the building below and upstairs is an orphanage.
What a precious time as we toured the orphanage 
and met these treasures and heard their stories.
The road to church this morning was spectacularly 
gorgeous – out in the lush African jungle.  

Notice the little building in the grassy field.
It is the “dollhouse” of some of the orphans
which they play with all the time.
Exquisite to all of us who saw it up close.

More “homes” built by the children…..are they not so spectacular?

The pastor and his sweet wife {she’s expecting their fourth}.
Don’t their faces just exude Jesus?

A few of the treasures they care for:

Bee lovin’ on these precious gifts…

5 thoughts on “Sunday in Uganda

  1. I remember meeting that sweet pastor:) It was beautiful! We are praying for all of you! I have to admit… I totally wish I was there with you all!:)

  2. Thanks for the post! Ever since I've started reading Emma's blog I have wanted to go to Uganda.Those pictures are defiantly making it more so!:)

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