“Joyful” Would be an Understatement

“He makes the barren woman to be at home, 
the joyful mother of children.”
Psalm 113:9

He keeps His promises.

All of them.  

I think back to all the longing, whining and crying He had to put up with…
as I begged Him to fill my arms…
little did I know He had plans that would far surpass 
anything I could have dreamed of…

My heart overflows…and so do my arms…

It’s my favorite day of all the year…

And it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be…

a Mom of Many

Eleven of our treasures are missing….

~Abi, Ryan, Finn, Stone and baby #3
~Tyler, Sarah, Charlee and baby #2
~Emma and her new little treasure….

One day, Lord willing, we will all have a picture together….

But for now, Skype will do….

Happy Mother’s Day to all you sweet friends….

And for those longing to be a mother….

Remember this:

He Keeps His Promises.

All of them….

Including Psalm 113:9  

27 thoughts on ““Joyful” Would be an Understatement

  1. Linny, this brings tears of joy to my eyes! When I told my husband about Em's joyful news, he said, "She has an amazing example in her mama." Thank you for chasing hard after the Father!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Linny! I am so excited to see Emma with her little treasure…we are praying for her! She is on our missionary prayer board in our home and we pray for her everyday!

    1. Oh Laine. Thank you for praying for our precious girl and her treasure. It is so comforting to know people are earnestly praying for her…God hears each of those prayers…and you are part of her ministry by doing so! xo

  3. What?! Did I miss the announcement…baby #3 for Abi and Ryan; and baby #2 for Tyler and Sarah!!!!! And I saw Emma's news! So amazing! He certainly did make you the mother of childREN and GrandchildREN!!! Happy Mother's Day Linny! You are an inspiration to all mothers. Thank you for your example! Love the picture!

  4. Happy Mother's Day!! Love your picture! Praying someday you can all be together!

    I am right there with you- this is ALL I have ever wanted to be!

    Praising God for his faithfulness and LOVE!

    SO so thankful!

  5. Linny, your precious Ruby girl is getting to be such a beautiful "big girl," it looks like she is bowling you over. 😀 And oh-oh-oh! We can't wait to hear more about Emma and her news. A beautiful Mothers' Day to you.

    1. Awwww. Thank you my friend. I promise you, that there is no one more surprised by the ministry the Lord has graciously allowed me, than me. To God be the glory – He alone is worthy – to take and make beauty out of my broken and abused life – humbling and miraculous.

    1. Oh Canada! Did you know that most of my relatives live in Canada…spread from Niagara Falls to BC…my mom was born in Canada…thank you for de-lurking! She will unveil her treasure soon – and trust me – her treasure is beyond spectacular!!

    2. Aha, so I will read one day about your family visiting the wonderful Canada when visiting relatives *wink* I click multiple times a day on the website to see if there is an update about Emma and her wee one 🙂

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