Life is Short

Breakfast in the park for a change of pace….
Running in the grass while it’s still cool…
Walking the trails for a long ways….

Chatting with the ducks who came a-callin’….

I only had one question for our quacky friends:
“Are you related to Uncle Si?  Cause I totally want to meet him.”

Some days Isaiah’s Arthrogryposis causes him pain,
so Lizzie is always up for giving him a piggy back ride. 

But the highlight of the day was breakin’ the rules.

The crazy thing was that just yesterday I whispered to the Lord,
“Where is a splash pad?  
It would be so fun if we could find one for
And lo and behold, there it was.
We’d been to this park before, 
but never in splash pad season…
so I had completely forgotten…
Only thing was that
we had our clothes on.

But ya’ know…

there are just some days we must break the 
“if-you-go-in-the-water-in-your-clothes-you-will-get-the-car -upholstery-all-wet-and-besides-we-have-errands-to-run-after-how-would-it-look-to-see-a-bunch-of-soaked-kids-walking-together” 


quite frankly, 

life is short…

and there are only so many opportunities 
to go to a {free} splash pad… 

And their expressions tell the story…..

Ruby and I even tried the splash pad,
but she said she actually liked the “no splash pads ever” rule.


Maybe someday she’ll change her mind.

26 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. Um…that looks so fun! I was sweating my face off in the garden (a community garden plot- so not in my backyard) today and I may or may not of splashed myself with the house. No one was around and I was dying so….there's no proof. 🙂


  2. All right, now you did it. You twisted my arm to the breaking point! I WANNA BE THERE! That looked like so much fun! Love the getting wet with your clothes on. So hot anyway it will just evaporate. Course it was cold until 4 pm and then it heated up.

  3. She'll change her mind – and breaking the rules is almost always good (at least sometimes!)

    hugs – thanks for being REAL –

    aus and co.

    1. I would have let them run around to dry, but it was getting really hot, the over 100's kind…so I opted to just let us all go home wet. But you're right, otherwise it would have been easy to dry them off.

  4. Love your story. We also went to a splash pad recently while on vacation, and much to my brother's (our host) surprise/shock/dismay my kids were on the splash pad, fully dressed, and well, fully soaked….without reguard to our afternoon schedule. So nice to know that we are not the only 'rule breakers'!

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