Home From Church Today?

If you happen to be home today,
my hubby, Dw,
has been given the amazing privilege of speaking at our
week-end services at our church Phoenix First this week-end.

I said,

“Babe, Pastor Luke only has people like Joyce Meyer share his pulpit, no pressure.”

Picture taken last year at Letchworth State Park, Letchworth, NY

Our pastor, Pastor Luke, was going to be out of town and asked if Dw would preach for him.
We are honored and humbled at this opportunity as well as the Lord’s favor on Dw.

Dw spoke at our Saturday night service, and now today,
there are two services…
the 10:45am pst is live-streamed
you can watch it live here.

{Added bonus for our family –  Graham’s on the drums as well.}

Very sweet to this mama’s heart that Emma can, Lord willing, live-stream it in Uganda
and we will have Daddy preaching, Graham on the drums and Emma ‘with us’ as well.

7 thoughts on “Home From Church Today?

    1. Such an honor. So totally God giving us such favor. We are truly humbled. We figured we would just disappear into this big mega-church…but the Lord definitely had other plans because I can assure you, we didn't seek any of it. Of course, with our large family we do stand out…but still….

  1. Linny,
    I just got finished watching the Phoenix First service. Since I have been reading your blog for several years, I feel like I know your family and wanted to see your son worship on the drums and your husband preach. We had just walked through the door from church and my husband and I sat around the computer and plugged in the speakers to listen. We thoroughly enjoyed the praise and worship (and sang along) and the Word that DW brought today. Thank you for sharing…If y'all are ever in the Murfreesboro, TN area…come on over and visit World Outreach Church. The website is http://www.wochurch.org.

  2. Amazing that you post about your church today… believe it or not, across the entire US here in NJ, my senior pastor brought up a pastor's conference that he went to out in Phoenix with YOUR Pastor Tommy! As he was speaking of this "mega" church in Phoenix and the prayer mountain in back I was thinking "I bet that's Linny and DW's church!" and so it was (when he finally named it) I was just so tickled to have that connection!
    Prayerfully, God will open up a door the next time y'all are over this way and maybe you guys could come share and fundraise for IVO! We have a growing heart in our church for foster children and adoption… I would love to see it grow!!!!
    (Inside I was just so tickled at this connection I had to share!)

    1. Say the word and I will "bring" you to our senior pastor! I just really feel passionate on spreading His desire for every child to have a home…maybe this is Him starting to open doors?

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