A Thanksgiving Invitation From Our Home to Yours

Does anyone remember me mentioning that next to Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday celebration? 

There is something about the lingering together that makes for warm memories that delight the soul for years to come.


I had an idea…

Being an enormous softy for Thanksgiving, I was wondering if my bloggy friends would want to play a little game with me?

I know many of you don’t have blogs, and I’m getting to that idea as well….so hang on…

For you who have a blog, even if you haven’t posted in forever…

Would you be willing to link to our Place Called Simplicity, so we could stop over and ‘visit’ this Thanksgiving?  It would be delightful to see your Thanksgiving celebration or preparations or friends and family visiting or your front door or some part of you?

No doubt, it would be a way of saying, “Here’s some of the things I’m thankful for…”  

You don’t even have to write on the post…just post a single picture or a steady stream of pictures…

I will be posting pictures of our special day – we’ve been invited to precious friends home.  You’ll see what we’re up to too. 

Now, what if you don’t have a blog?  

Many have Instagram these days…and you can post a picture and just be sure to tag APlaceCalledSimplicity on your photo you post…

I am so excited…I cannot wait to stop in and have a peek at your day in one way or another…truly, even the picture at the top of this post just makes my heart say, “Ahhhhh”….how about yours?

I will have the post up just after midnight with the linking capabilities like when we do Memorial Box Monday…

7 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Invitation From Our Home to Yours

  1. Thanksgiving this year will consist of a couple movies and a couch. We had family stuff Saturday (because of stupid mart my mom has to work on Thursday….. Why do stores have to be open on Thursday?) And Saturdays celebration was marred because my grandpa went in the hospital and its confusing because no one is sure what's going on with that. So while others will be spending time with families ill be relaxing and watching movies. Not much to take a picture of! Lol
    BUT …..
    Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Mine's up and linked to yours! justkeepmovingwiththemcmurphys.blogspot.com I know, long title, but justkeepmoving was already taken. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I will do that! Like we did for Christmas a year ago? My daughter made pumpkin muffins this afternoon. Now they are all put away so we don't snitch any. But, wait, there's more than a dozen and there's only 3 of here tomorrow? Why not have one with my tea tonight so I can taste test it? Will see! Happy Thanksgiving!

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