Jubilee’s Good News

I love how some of you have an extra special spot 
in your hearts for 
one or another of our treasures.
This post is for all the 
“Jubilee Fan Club” 

Jubilee definitely has a difficult time 
understanding many abstract concepts
{like a club of groupies who adore her} 
but if she did, 
she would be tickled to pieces.
Our sweet baby girl has been seeing a gamut of doctors lately.
And we are happy to report that there is some good news
coming down the pike for her – 
{Yippee Jesus!}.
Last week we met with the
Cranio-Facial team at Phoenix Children’s.
I know many of you understand that,
but for those who don’t…
We sat in a room while a flood of 
doctors came in {her team}, talked, interviewed,
examined and talked some more.
Then, after we left, that same team sat around and 
talked amongst themselves as to what 
the best approach and avenue of 
treatment would be for our sweet
Jubilee Promise.
Jubilee didn’t know what to make of the
team and was pretty skeptical of the entire lot.
However, there is a kind-hearted woman
who has been accompanying us 
on many of Jubilee’s most recent appointments
and she managed to come to the team
meeting.  She brought a bag of goodies and
played with Jubilee while I spoke with the
surgical team.
As we were leaving, the tentative and wary
Miss Jubilee Promise
saw the team of doctors and surgeons 
{who had now taken over the waiting room
to meet and come up with a plan}…
and knowing she was on her way out, 
was her normal bubbly self
waving and smiling to each of the doctors
with more-than-average enthusiasm, 
“Bye!! Bye!! Bye!”
{She looked like she had just received 
her Miss America crown.}
Really made me laugh.
Smart chick waving and thinking,
“I’m so outta’ here and now you get 
to see my adorable self.”
So while her healing plan is being formulated,
it was finally {!} time for her appointment – yesterday –
with a hearing surgeon.
And after her trillionth hearing test 
{which shows yet again her profound loss}
this kind doc wrote the script for a Ponto hearing device
and it was being ordered yesterday.
We are over the moon excited.
It’s been a long time coming
finally {!!}
it feels like we are rounding third base and 
home plate in coming into view….
The Cranio-Facial team is formulating their plans
and we will soon be on our way
to much needed 
and long-awaited surgery.
In the meantime, 
Miss Jubilee is thankful she is home
and that the doctors don’t live here with us. 

9 thoughts on “Jubilee’s Good News

  1. Thank you Jesus! I am so excited for Jubilee! Sounds like a great doctor to be part of that team! Hummm, makes me stop and say hummm! Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Cranio Facial team…all that is lacking is a great pediatric cardiologist! 🙂

  2. Oh good! I have been thinking about her since you said she was ill a couple weeks (months?) ago. I don't know all the back story of all your treasures, but I know their needs weigh heavy on you and your husband's hearts.
    So, now praying wisdom for the doctors! And minimal stress for Miss Jubilee!
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Oh! So so happy! I am an audiologist so I know how much this means to all of you. Thank you for allowing us, from the outside, into your family. I have been following Jubilees story since she came home. Please let us know when she has been fit with her processor!
    Carrie t. In NC

  4. I'm definitely one of those "Jubilee Fan Club" members… and what wonderful news!

    I wish we had a way to communicate better – I know many of those feelings she must be having while doctor after doctor checks her out and she wonders what's ahead.

    Praying for healing for her, for peace for her, for textbook and BETTER recovery, for hearing, for joy.

    And all of those things for you Momma, too.

  5. I have to share that my 4 yr old son just looked at the first picture you posted of Jubilee and excitedly announced "Look mummy, its a princess!" He was certainly correct:))) So glad Ms. Jubilee has been recieving good news, sending her a special hug from Norway!

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