Did You Get To Peek….

Okay, sooooo,

True confessions:  

This silver-haired mama gets extra tickled 
when she gets to meet other 

You know the families I’m talking about….they’ve thrown caution to the wind, grabbed a firm hold of the bountiful promises of God and ran full steam ahead for the rewards waiting them….

After all, scripture says, 

“The fruit of the womb is His reward”….

Did you notice it doesn’t say whose womb?

It merely states that 

“the fruit of the womb is His reward.”
Psalm 127:3

Anyway…..Did you get to peek at any of the “Selah” 
posts from yesterday…

I was in awe as I read the post linked as #2….

For all of you out there who are teetering wondering if adoption is for you….read it….  

Dare ya.

My bloggy friend, Randi, makes herself so vulnerable as she shares about her fears regarding adoption……

And one of the coolest things?  

She’s a grandma many times over….

Yet they have chosen to chase the prizes God has ordained for their family….

So sweet friends, if you happen to be bogged down by all the craziness of Christmas parties, gift-buying, and the endless flurry of activities…


Just Selah.

Grab a cup of something warm, snuggle down as a family and read together what God has done in lives of families around the world…

Or build a nice fire 
{if you are blessed to have a fireplace 
or wood stove} 
and visit others homes around the world…

Stop by any of the links…..and see for yourself what others are celebrating this year….{We’re going to visit some tonight…}

Their sweet stories will, no doubt, put a spring in your step and some sweet joy in your soul..

He is amazingly faithful and He works beautiful miracles in each of our lives…

PS  It’s not too late to join in the posting….Linky open for 2 more days… 

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