Selah With Us This Christmas

No doubt, just like everyone else,
our “to do” list can seem endless this time of year….

After many years of wondering how Christmas came speeding upon us with little thought to Christmas and the reason we celebrate it, we’ve come to understand that if 
we don’t Selah {rest} and allow God’s peace to 
bring us to a place of Thankfulness this month of 
December will have come and gone before we know it.

About a week ago I challenged bloggy friends
around the world to join in our family in
remembering with Thankfulness all that 
the Lord has done….

We all know that in 2013 our Almighty God has done 
countless Wonderful, Awesome, Miraculous and 
Powerfully Great Things for all of us…

So we invite you to Selah with us…… 


Share your picture of something the Lord has
done or share your story or even just a few words,
by linking your blog below.  If you don’t blog, please
do it as an Instagram and tag  @APlaceCalledSimplicity 

For us personally, one of the things we are celebrating as a 
family is each of the teeny tiny victories Ruby 
has had as well as the gigantic strides…

Especially knowing that medical professionals had repeated,
“She’ll never be able to do anything…”  

The same medical professionals definitely didn’t think Ruby would ever hold her head up without support…

However, this year Miss Ruby has made such strides,
all who know her have stood back and marveled…

Just imagine when the nay-sayers were giving us
 their report, we are certain that Almighty God 
was smiling and saying, 

“Ohhhhh really?  Now watch this!”

In His great mercy and grace has done above and beyond all we can think or ask…

And every day she holds her head up
and looks around and….we celebrate each time…

And together, this Christmas season, we are intentionally taking time to Selah and celebrate together His faithfulness. 

Being perfectly honest, the sheer weight of sweet Ruby’s
head from the Multiloculated Hydrocephalus would limit
even those without Cerebral Palsy, but to have her situation
complicated by Cerebral Palsy… was not thought possible
that she would ever hold her head up.  

But for 
Almighty, Miraculous God. 

Look at her!  
I know I’ve said it before,
but seriously,
God is the God of miracles.  
What about you?

What specifically are you and yours 
celebrating that God has done this past year?
Please include your hyperlink to your direct blog post
and also please place in your post a mention of this post…
I can’t wait to stop by and see
 what you are celebrating…
{I believe you will be able to link a picture as well
directly in the list below.  You have three days – so link up…
and feel free to link more than once if you want to turn each into a separate post.}

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