“Farm” Stories

A year or so ago I wrote about our unexpected 
“harvest” from our own backyard 
and the dates are growing nicely this year as well!
So excited! 
 As I mentioned in that post, 
we embrace our new city lives, 
but every now and then we talk about the joy-filled days 
of chickens, roosters, goats, barn cats, horses
huge gardens, wild blackberry patches and acres of woods.
The big kids remember our crazy goat Charlie and
boy-oh-boy do we love to laugh about that
psychotic, lunatic yet adorably sweet goat.
We have some stories we could tell about that ol’ goat!
I’m sure the little ones wonder what it was like to have a goat…
but then they’ll be able to tell their kids someday about
the stuff that we have here,
in the desert.
Ya’ know, stinkin’ freaky cool stuff like this… 

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite a Crazy Charlie story
or the pesky skunk in the chicken coop story…
the story where Dw, Tyler and Graham
my pet chickens… 
{don’t ask}
but the fact that the sibs lassoed this scorpion 
all by themselves…
well *that* will be their version of “farm” stories…

2 thoughts on ““Farm” Stories

  1. Eek, you guys are braver than me! Though I always look for scorpions when I'm on vacation there, I don't want to find any when we finally move! Isn't that the venomous bark scorpion? One day I need to figure out how to tell them apart!

  2. Just a bit of random trivia for you about your date palm (that I am so jealous of!). First, palms are not trees. They are hollow inside. And second bit is that for a date palm to produce fruit, there needs to be a near by male plant (many plants have separate male and female varieties- males obviously don't produce fruit). So somewhere in your neighborhood is a male counterpart palm that, along with pollinators like bees and wasps, make the fruit from a female possible.

    Nature is awesome!

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

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