A Specific Answer

Recently I asked bloggy friends to send me stories of specific times God has answered their prayers.

It is easy to think, “Oh, He always answers so-n-so’s prayer, but He wouldn’t ever answer mine like that!”

However, that’s not true!  

He longs for relationship with each of us individually and He loves to meet our specific needs!    Our relationship with Him is not intended to be a “Give me! Give me! Give me!” type of friendship…but rather a sharing of heart and soul with 
the God of the Universe who created us for intimate relationship with Him.    

God gently and lovingly responds to our humble, whole-hearted
seeking of Him!!   

His love is constantly being demonstrated to all who are 
earnestly seeking Him!!

Almighty God’s never-ending love for each of us is 
powerful, liberating and completely limitless!

“A” writes:

I wanted to share with you a time that God answered me specifically.  
At the time I was in a place of healing and God had been pouring 
His love on me and healing deep wounds from my past. 

It was Christmas time and I was feeling sad that I never had really received 
any presents that I liked.   I felt that no one around me really knew me 
or cared to know me.   God spoke to me and revealed to me that I had 
stopped really wanting anything and also that I didn’t really know what 
I wanted either. 

It humbled me. 

I asked God for forgiveness and then I asked Him for a gift.   I asked Him 
for a pair of pearl flower earrings, similar to the ones I had worn on 
my wedding (although not as fancy so that I could wear them every day!) 

I never shared with anyone what I had prayed for.    Two weeks later, 
as a present from one of my students I received the exact earrings 
I had envisioned! 

He poured His love on me. 

He showed me that He listens, that He cares for me!

If you have a time you would be willing to share when God answered you specifically, email:  

Subject:  Specific Answer to my Prayer

“You will seek me and find me, 
when you seek me with all your heart.”  
Jeremiah 29:13

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