Calling All Kids!!

Well Miss Ruby has been up to the most amazing thing to date!!  
I told her neurosurgeon and he excitedly remarked, “Now you just have 
to get it on video and upload it!”   
Well, I finally {!} got her doing it on video and I have tried multiple times 
to upload it to Youtube and been completely unsuccessful.  
I have uploaded to Youtube many, many times, so I just can’t figure out why it won’t work….
I will keep trying and Lord willing, will be able to post it soon…but in the meantime….
Calling all orphan-loving kids!   
We need your help to Bust Summertime Boredom Blues and help feed orphans in both India and Uganda!
Have you been thinking about learning a new skill?  Maybe you were thinking about trying your hand at knitting or you think you could get hooked on crocheting.  Woodworking or maybe even learning to throw a pot.  Embroidery, sewing, jewelry making, wood burning…..
Then what if you could use that new skill to help feed orphans? 
Pinterest and Esty are full of ideas!!  
Here is the challenge:   

Bust Summertime Boredom!  
Practice your new skill until you feel ready to send something to 

Please include your age and the following information when you send your donation.
Please include the following information with your donation: 
Your Name 
Your E-mail address 
Item Description 
Suggested Donation
Please ship your donation to: 
Shipping Manager 
Attn: IVO – Orphan Wares 
11000 Brimhall Rd., Suite E 
Bakersfield, Ca 93312

Be sure to have someone take a picture of you (working on your new skill or with your finished project or your favorite picture of yourself) if you would like to be featured on OrphanWares Facebook page!  

Feel free to email the picture to with name, age, donation when you mail your package to OrphanWares.   Be sure to check the OrphanWares Facebook page (and “Like” it if you haven’t yet) often to see other featured orphan-loving kiddos and maybe pick up an idea or two for a new skill to try this summer or next!! 

Special note to parents — please feel free to make this a family project!   Your kiddo would love to sit beside as you learn together!  What amazing summer memories.

And to our other friends–what an opportunity we have to cheer on our young orphan-loving friends.  Please bless them with your sweet words and likes!  Oh, and the THRILL of seeing their item “out of stock” on OrphanWares!   

Orphan Wares is a place where artisans and crafters can donate their time, talent and resources enabling 100% of the proceeds to feed the orphans through Front Lines Feeding program!!    Our goal this year is to feed 120,000 meals to orphans in both Uganda and India!! 

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