Cinderella’s Bathroom

Since that handsome man o’ mine is in Africa 
in anticipation of the upcoming wedding next month….
 this chica, 
who happens to be a not-so-good painter,
{okay, so quite honestly “not-so-good” is a stretch 
and I’m actually a horrible painter}
is ready for a new look in the bathroom upstairs.

Can you blame me?
I’m thinking Cinderella used to live here and 
she must have picked out that pumpkin color!
This morning Nehemiah and I went and picked out
a new color
Lord willing,
in the next few days we will have that bathroom
I even found a “new” 
{thanks to our local Facebook Swip Swap}
shower curtain to go in it.
So that’s what we have planned for much of this week-end…

How about you?
Anyone else have any DIY projects planned?

13 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Bathroom

  1. Yes!! My handyman husband is finishing the concrete counters in the kitchen! So excited, and I am going to try paint (I'm not so great either) the back wall of my built in bookshelves and the fireplace if I have time. Usually when I start the hubby finishes cause I'm just that bad at painting;) What color did you pick??? I'm going with…Spirit in the sky (couldn't resist the name haha) Have a great diy weekend!

  2. I'm painting, too. And I am a HORRIBLE painter! I can't paint a straight line…paint ends up EVERYWHERE…There are few things that I dislike more than painting!

    1. Another horrible painter – you, me, Kathy {above!} – misery loves company as they say. 😉

      . I figured out why I'm so bad as I was painting on Friday. Seriously. I don't have time. So I hurry and I glob it on to make it stay thick so I don't need a second coat. Liberty was helping {she was amazing!} and she was laughing hysterically watching me goop up the wall as I slopped it on. And yes, it was on me, on the floor {even though we had a plastic cloth down, etc. I just want it done!

  3. I am constantly working on a variety of DIY projects. My biggest one for this spring was the pool installation! My next one is hopefully going to be painting my kitchen.

    1. You installed a pool? You go girl. You take DIY to a whole new level. I told Dw when we lived in VA that I wanted to do an in ground pool myself. He could not stop laughing. I was serious. I was willing to try. And we had 15 acres, so it's not like it would ruin the yard!! He wouldn't let me. What color will you go for in the kitchen?

  4. Oh boy do we have some DIY at our house!! Moving all our furniture around, putting things our son no longer uses into attic storage (we are praying we'll have to use them again!), fixing things that have broken, cleaning up outside, and re-organizing the pantry!

    1. Lord, bless Linny for her prayer!

      I tell you what…next time I'm in AZ, I'll stop by and sort out your pantry. 😉 I'm one of those weirdos who looooooves to organize! I don't like folding laundry, and I hate yard work, but my oh my I love taking a big mess and getting it all sorted and labeled!

    2. I may just hold you to that!! I love organizing as well, but somehow the rest of this family doesn't appreciate the organization! And before long it is in complete disarray. ugh.

  5. Omg i found you well sort of! Hahahaha…I have been looking for you guys. I have always enjoyed Dwights's sermons. I don't make it to Wednesday services anymore as i serve in the children's ministry. I haven't seen the kids. Are you all still at Phoenix First or did i miss the going away service. I see he is in Africa now. How are you and the kids?

  6. Its Rhonda. I was in his leadership class. And he always sat a few seats in front of me during Wednesday service to help out during offering. I went from volunteer to staff member in the children's ministry so i don't make it to Wednesday anymore. I know you because he talks about you all the time and mention you blog in class And you guys were on stage with your babies. So basically im just a church member that your family has left an impression on.

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