A Note from Jubilee {and Mommy}

A note from Jubilee and Mommy:

Thank you my friends for praying for me.

It wasn’t fun.

I kept throwing up after.

But Mommy stayed right with me and took good care of me.

I was so cold after I came out that Mommy and the nurse wrapped me up
just like a mummy – I was shivering!!  

I threw up all the way home, but the good news is –  I am home!

Mommy let me watch whatever I wanted and I picked one of my favorite movies.

Love, Jubilee and Mommy

PS    I think the doctor told Mommy I’m having another surgery in a few weeks.
        Maybe it was the anesthesia and I was hearing things.
         It better have just been the anesthesia!!

4 thoughts on “A Note from Jubilee {and Mommy}

  1. Jubilee!!!! How wonderful to have a post from you telling us that you're ok. Sorry to hear that you threw up so much, but I hope you will feel better and better over the next few days.

    Thinking about you and wishing you a smooth recovery….from Canada!!!


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