Jubilee’s in the O.R.

Miss Jubilee is back in the OR about to have surgery and I know there are whole bunch of
bloggy friends who have a special place in their heart for our Jubilee Promise.

I just left her in the OR.   She had fallen fast asleep in my arms with the mask over her mouth
and nose.

Her surgeon today is one of our favorite doctors and he has absolutely no problem with me
taking her back and holding her until she is asleep.  However,  it’s the anesthesiologist’s call!!
We prayed that this anesthesiologist would be favorable and all praise to the Lord,
although he as a tad hesitant, he said it was okay.  Whew! I had brought my boxing gloves,
but thankfully I didn’t have to pull them out.  Bless his heart!

Inside the OR the once-hesitant anesthesiologist saw how well it worked and
was very kind.   {I have a sneaking suspicion that our sweet Surgeon told him
how precious Jubilee was and about our family, because his demeanor was completely
different.}   I am so grateful for the favor of the Lord.

Please pray for Jubilee as she has her 6th surgery since she came home to us.

It should take about an hour.

Daddy’s home with Ruby who has had a series of seizures a couple of days ago.  

No one will ever accuse our home of being dull – that’s for sure!


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