Unwrapping My Secret Gift

Friends, friends, friends…

I’m not really sure how to begin this post.

All I can say is that it’s been a long time comin’.

Let’s see if I can start briefly, somewhere near the beginning, in an effort to make
the most sense of it all.

But first let me say….

I have requested this a hand full of times: 

I kindly ask that you read from the start and not hurry 
and skip to the end to see what it’s all about….
it’s just too important! 

Thank you for indulging me in my request!

Obviously as a blogger I have opportunity to choose what I share.  If you’ve been hanging
around our Place Called Simplicity for a while you will know that there are some
re-occurring themes throughout my writing….


Special Needs Treasures

The Plight of the Orphan

The Joy of Large Families

The Unending Faithfulness of God

Bountiful Miracles of God

How God Whispers to Us

Missions {in particular our most favorite missionary – Emma}

If you were to come and hang out in our home you would likely hear us talk about a few of those topics on most days.

That’s why I write about them all.  

Because I’m passionate about each of them and 
I can’t keep the importance of them to myself – 
I desperately want others to see their importance as well!!

They are, shall we say, what makes this silver-haired mama tick.

Well some time ago the Lord began to whisper to me about 
something else….

It went something like this:

“Linny, you are not only a Mom of Many, but by my plan and grace,  I have allowed you to be a Mentor to Many.  You really need to share ________ with them as well.” 

What He whispered to me about is something that I am equally passionate about.  I’ve just never gone “public” with it.  And this ol’ gal feels hesitant sometimes to “let it all hang out”.

So I had to pray about it.

A lot.

I had many thoughts about it all…which I had to think through.

So time passed.

Months actually.

And every now and then He would whisper,

“Linny, you are not only a Mom of Many, but by my grace I have allowed you to be a Mentor to Many.  You really need to share ________ with them.”

His voice was gentle and I am certain that He was okay with me waiting.

If I had felt an urgency from His whispers, I would have jumped immediately!

But I had to know in my heart how sharing this would practically look.

The Lord often speaks to me in word pictures {I seem to learn best through them}…and He actually gave me this word picture about it all: 

It was as though I have an amazing secret that I was hiding, all wrapped up in beautiful paper, with a perfectly gorgeous bow and yet, I am selfishly refusing to share my gift with others and merely keeping it for my family and myself.  

Well that word picture made me feel horrible.  

I am not given to much selfishness usually, so how could I have this amazing secret that I was withholding and refusing to share with my friends?

Oh my.

Sooooo, after that word picture…I realized one thing –

The time is now!!

But how would that practically look, for real?

And He graciously showed me step-by-step….

Finally, I could fully grasp what sharing it all might mean and how it would be able to be shared.

So here goes….

Now don’t go skippin to the bottom – you’ll get there fast enough – 


Unwrapping my Gift…

The very briefest version of a very, very, very long story….

As far back as I can remember I have been concerned for my health and the health of those I love.
Even as a little girl, I would ride my bike breathing in the toxic fumes of the chemical plants near our home and think, “Those fumes are probably killing us.”

I hated chemicals, toxins and anything that was not completely natural.

Trust me, I was frequenting our local health food store long before it was hipster and vogue to do so. My friends thought I was the weirdest person they had ever met.  They still loved me, but to them, I was a crazy-health-nut.

Even as a young woman I would search for natural remedies and longed to live in the 1800’s where someone could teach me how to use natural remedies to heal our bodies.

And about 25 years ago I began to use Essential Oils.  I didn’t even know they were called Essential Oils…I just knew they were natural things derived from plants that God had made, without chemicals added to them!  So if it was “natural” I was all over it.

Over the years my family has seen crazy results with Essential Oils to all kinds of sicknesses, diseases and struggles.

There is no denying the power of Essential Oils.

And the rest is history!!

Yes, friends, I’m unwrapping my secret present and sharing with you…

I am a firm believer, crazy-enthusiast and 
purveyor of 
Essential Oils.

From here on out, I will occasionally share at our Place Called Simplicity personal stories how the Lord has used Essential Oils to heal.  It has been miraculous!!  And to think…that 46 of the 66 books in the Bible make mention of Essential Oils or the plants they are derived from.  Seriously, why would we be surprised that God would still use them today??

So there you go.

PS You’ve known me long enough to know that I wouldn’t be sharing this, if I wasn’t 100% convinced that God is using Essential Oils to help our bodies!! 

19 thoughts on “Unwrapping My Secret Gift

  1. As I was reading this I was thinking, "I've been following this chick for a very long time and I KNOW she's not going to feed us a load of junk." I've been seeing Young Living Oils pop up here and there, gonna take a closer look now. So cool.

    1. Nope. This chick is not gonna' mislead you and I promise you Lori, if I had the resources, I would buy you a Premium Starter Kit and be giddy that it was going to change your life {if you promised to use it}. I have seen it work over and over and over and over…God has definitely used them in our lives, without exception. Join in the webinar! Please?

    1. Those have been two old faithfuls for me as well. But the more I have used others, I have found amazing results…one of my favorites is Oregano…well and Thieves. Crazy results! Love you friend!

  2. I've been dabbling with EOs and hearing the stories and wondering if it was all to good to be true. And wondering if the times they worked for us if it was really the EO or coincidence or God. So I'm always glad to hear first person evidence!

    1. Definitely not too good to be true!! Think about it Karen – they {or the plants they are derived from} are mentioned in 46 of the 66 books of the Bible – that alone speaks!! But really, I am going to some of our personal experiences in the Webinar – join me if you are able.

  3. You are the third person that's mentioned these to me in the last two months…..I'm thinking I need to listen up. I'm already into healthy living, so this is intriguing. Thanks……

  4. It's funny that you'd mention this. Sharing eos is actually my full-time job, and I love it. I love how God created plants with medicinal properties – eos – even before he made man or animal, and even before man would sin and usher in sickness and brokenness into our world. That is a such a gift. I've often wondered about getting them to Emma in Uganda, and now I know that she's got a great source. I do hope that you keep your blog mostly about what you already write about. Many of my favorite blogs have changed their tone once they began sharing a product, and when it was essential oils, it always brought with it conflict and dissension over brands and method of application. It got to the point where I missed their authenticity and the peace and encouragement I'd find, and I stopped reading them to preserve my own peace. So your blog was literally the last one in my bookmarked list that I still visit faithfully, and I'd love to keep it that way. I've been thinking of how to share this all day long since reading it the first time, so I hope my heart comes across in the gentle and tenderhearted way it sounds like inside my head.

  5. Girl we have so much in common. I relate to this and the health stuff you were doing long ago as well. I have , by the grace of God only used natural remedies and essential oils for years and I have only used these remedies on my little ones and have seen amazing things. When ever one of my babies were sick I would diffuse oils and even put some on them. I also have used oregano topically and internally for years as it is the natural antibiotic. Praise God we have never had to use medicine so far. I just used them for my little girl two days ago when she had a high fever and the flu she is completely better and no lingering symptoms. I am using Young Living as well and I just love and get so excited when I can use what God made to treat and heal. It truly is a passion of mine. I say all the time I should have been born back in the 1800s as well. Hope your gluten free is still going good since we have been gluten free for years. We need to chat so I can give you some awesome recipes. I hope one day soon we can have the much awaited phone chat. Love you!

  6. I've been crazy into EO's for awhile now, ever since my little fella developed his wheat allergy when he started solids. (Let's just say he does a number 2 and the skin on his bottom is GONE). A salve made up from coconut oil, lavender EO, tea tree EO, roman chamomile EO, and beeswax fixes him up better/faster than Desitin! He also has only two speeds, RUNNING FULL TILT and passed out so hard he's snoring. To help him unwind, I use a little lavender and some sweet orange oils in a nice carrier oil and give him after bath massages. He conks right out!

    Anyway, how exciting, can't wait to check out your website!

  7. We have seen first hand how well YL oils work to prevent illness. A few years ago, two of my kids were both having warning symptoms for a respiratory illness (scratchy throat, drippy nose). Right away I grabbed my bottle of Thieves spray — we didn't have any lozenges on hand — and gave a quick spritz to the back of the throat of the littlest one. The bigger one refused on the grounds that it tastes bad.(this is true however, the hard lozenges which we normally use do taste good). Sure enough, a few days later the little one was 100% healthy and the older one was sicker than a dog and stayed sick for a good two weeks. This has replayed time and again – one of us had a sore throat coming on and when treated with Thieves, it stopped immediately. This is hands down the best homeopathic remedy ever used by our family! You can see an overview of some Thieves products (except the hard lozenges) at https://static.youngliving.com/en-AU/PDFS/thieves_booklet.pdf.

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