Every Time I Remember You….

There is nothing quite so sweet as getting together with
old, old friends….such precious times!
Several years ago I told the story of 
how God healed my right arm/hand from the 24/7 
trembling left by the Multiple Sclerosis that was wreaking
havoc in my body.
Well the couple that prayed with us on the phone 
that miraculous night were passing through our neighborhood
today and were able to stop with their treasures
to have lunch and spend some time together.
We love this couple!!
They are gifted in the prophetic and have
seen God move in powerful ways to set people
free {evidenced by the miraculous healing that
occurred in my body on January 10, 2006}!!
It has been 8 years since we last saw 
Dan and Lavonne  almost to the day!!  At that time they were able to spend 
their vacation with us in our home 
when we were pastoring in Durango.
Anyway, when we learned that they would be 
in our area today we were giddy at the joy of spending time
with them!!
Dan and I grew up in the same church and 
became friends in high school.  At a particularly
painful juncture in my life,  Dan was a true friend.
Although Dan never knew {at the time} 
what heartache I was walking through,
he was the only one who was genuinely kind to me.
His friendship was used by Almighty God
to offer hope to my young, very troubled heart.
We lost touch and over the years I always 
prayed that God would be very real to Dan,
that he would continue to walk with the Lord
and that he would have a family that honored God.
About 10 years ago we connected through
our high school youth group reunion.
I was delighted to find that he had indeed followed
hard after God’s heart, had a wife who ministered with him
and was serving the Lord!
THEN God used them to pray with me 
and see my arm/hand healed.
How amazing how the Lord brought it all full circle!
They are a awesome couple who are just real people
who really love Jesus and serve Him sacrificially
 in a powerful way and boy-oh-boy do they pray with power!
In the annals of our family history I had to
document today as a joyful spot in our lives.
Oh, how we needed today!!
The time with them was far too short as they had
to get back on the road…
but we were left blessed, encouraged,
and ministered to!!
  I pray that each of you, my sweet friends, have “a Dan and Lavonne” in
your lives…where after spending treasured time together 
your heart aches and you drip real tears
 that the time was just not enough!
Oh how my heart needed their visit today!!
“I thank my God every time I remember you {both}”.
Philippians 1:3

2 thoughts on “Every Time I Remember You….

  1. What a blessing and so glad you had time with them. So very rare to have precious friends like them, especially ones who speak over lives with power. So blessed I was able to talk today with you and that was truly a gift and so refreshing. Praying for all of you always.

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