Two Miracles You Won’t Want to Miss….

You know how we love stories of God’s miraculous ways – 
Stories that defy human reason…
Stories that cause us to gasp in awe…
and stories that often our eyes well with tears
as the Holy Spirit tugs at our hearts with this truth:
“He can do that for me!” 

So the other day my friend Rachel
texted me and said, “You have to read this….”
We have been texting about what is going on in Israel. 
Our hearts are grieved and we have been praying diligently!
The Jewish nation has been God’s chosen people
since the beginning of time.
We are admonished in Psalm 122:6:
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! 
May they be secure who love you!”
We also know that scriptures tells us this:
“I will bless those who bless My people.” 
Psalm 132:13-18

We love God’s chosen people and we must pray for
the peace of Jerusalem!
Well here are the two miraculous stories 
that you won’t want to miss…
they will astound you and likely cause your eyes to well with tears!
Oh the mighty power of God!!
He loves His people!

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