Celebrate!! She’s FIVE!!

We stand in humble amazement 
at all God has done these last 3.5 years that 
Ruby has been home!

Today is her 5th birthday and 
I knew you guys would love 
celebrating with us!

Sunday we had a small birthday party for her
with a few close friends…
Sunday morning, in anticipation
of her birthday party that afternoon, we Skyped with 
Emma, Josh and Little Man 
so Ruby could open their present. 

Emma, Josh and LM had decided 
that every five year old girl
needs a few princess dresses…I mean!

So Ruby was being her animated self…

Hiding from them on Skype…

Check her out…

And to think…. 


After their present was opened and she was shown 
each of the four princess dresses, she 
immediately pushed the Snow White one away.
We thought maybe we had misread her
and so we held it up to her…
and she gave us her 
“Ummm, I don’t think so look,
don’t you all understand what I mean when I’m 
 pushing it away?”…

Check it out…
Ruby kept coming back to the Cinderella dress…
And in keeping with wearing her Cinderella
dress she zonked out as everyone was just arriving….
But she looked so beautiful…
and totally zonked out as guests were arriving..
and oh yeah, it was her party,
so really,
if she wanted to sleep for some of it – 
she could do whatever she wanted.

Ruby and some of her sibs along with a few of her peeps…

She woke up in plenty of time for her 
{Gluten Free, of course} 
cupcakes Liberty had made

We asked if she wanted to blow out
her candles..
and again, she gave us her, 
“Ummm, noooo.” look.  
Miss Personality is such a hoot these days!
She keeps us laughing.
And seriously, to think that some thought she would never
do anything.

Ruby loved her cards and presents…

In fact she loves presents so much, 
we had an idea…

Now listen up!!  

Because today is Ruby’s birthday and she 
can do whatever she wants…

She wants to give away some presents to 
YOU her precious bloggy friends who 
have prayed, 
believed and celebrated her! 

Kind of her way of saying, 
“Thank you for loving me, 
my faraway friends!”

Mommy and Ruby been doing some thinking and
planning…and came up with the perfect gift…

Ruby is going to give away
FIVE gifts
[[since she’s FIVE]]

There are three opportunities to win 
one of FIVE gifts from Ruby:

1.  ONE gift will be given away to someone who leaves
a birthday wish on this post.  


2.  ONE gift will be given away to a friend who leaves
a birthday wish on this FB post.  

3.  THREE gifts will be given away on Instagram
to three who 
(1) Start following (if they aren’t already)
(2) Leave a birthday wish for Ruby 
and tag THREE friends in your comment.   


From THIS 


  Ruby beautifully displays God’s passionate
love for the broken-bodied orphans of this world.

Please celebrate His miraculous power with us!

And Ruby says, 

“Now hurry-up and
let me send you guys some gifts!”

Prize winners will be chosen on Thursday!

70 thoughts on “Celebrate!! She’s FIVE!!

  1. I can't believe she's already 5!! I have loved following Ruby's (and your family's!) awesome story over the last few years. Happy Birthday Sweet Ruby!! (And I just started following you instagram! 🙂 )

  2. Happy, Happy 5th Birthday, Ruby! You are indeed every inch a princess! Hope you enjoyed your birthday cupcake! You are loved by so many people all around the world. You go, girl!

    Much love and hugs from Ottawa, Ontario – Canada's capital.

  3. Happy 5th birthday precious Ruby!! A birth-verse for you, Ephesians 6:16
    "…take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one."

  4. Happy 5th birthday precious Ruby!! A birth-verse for you, Ephesians 6:16
    "…take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one."

  5. Ruby, I have prayed for you since the very beginning. I've e-known your momma since her house burned down on my son's birthday. I've prayed for your family and for you! What a joy it is to see you 3.5 years later… a young lady brimming with spunk and sass. Nothing does our Father's heart more than seeing you rise VICTORIOUS over everyone who said you could never do anything. Look at how much you've done already!! Happy birthday, Ruby! You are destined for GREAT things in this life and beyond!

  6. Happy Birthday, Ruby! My almost 5 year old so. Just walked up, saw your picture and said, "That's cute!" when he saw you in your pretty princess dress! Know you are loved and celebrated!

  7. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Ruby! After reading your Mommy's post, these words to this song immediately flooded my heart………….

    You are beautiful beyond description
    Too marvelous for words
    Too wonderful for comprehension
    Like nothing ever seen or heard
    Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom?
    Who can fathom the depth of Your love?
    You are beautiful beyond description
    Majesty, enthroned above

    And I stand, I stand in awe of You
    I stand, I stand in awe of You
    Holy God, to whom all praise is due
    I stand in awe of You

    Indeed we stand in awe of Almighty God for His miraculous works in your sweet life!

  8. Happy Birthday, Ruby!!!! You're a beautiful creation of the most important man in our lives, and I am blessed to "know" you!!! I pray that you have/had a great 5th birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Ruby! You are a miracle and one beautiful and smart little girl. I love the faces she makes when its something she doesn't want. Such a personality.

  10. Ruby looks so precious in her Cinderella dress! It has been such a gift to follow her progress and just pure joy over this time. Happy Birthday, sweet Ruby! What a difference your sweet life makes! Hugs to all the Saunders clan. Love you guys.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday, beautiful CInderella Ruby! God has already used you in so many ways in your short life! To God be the Glory, Great things He has done (and is doing!!!!) Have a super duper day, Cinderella Ruby!!!

  12. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! It has been such a miracle watching you transform into the spunky, healthy, and happy little girl that you have grown into!! God Bless you today and always!!

  13. Happy Birthday, Ruby! You and your family have been such an inspiration to me as I follow this blog! My 9 year old daughter, especially, loves your story, and has declared her desire to serve Jesus by caring for special orphans in Africa when she grows up. I pray you have a joyful year and continue to shine as the daughter of the King!

  14. I am blown away at God's love every time I read one of your posts about this precious girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY! I can't wait to watch God's fingerprint on your life in the next year!

  15. Happy Birthday Ruby!!! I cannot believe you are 5 already!!! Oh my!!! You look simply adorable in your Cinderella dress!!! How simply precious you are…only God could orchestrate all the wonderfulness you have in your life. He is so good!!! Give yourself a great big hug from me and give your mommy a great big hug as well!!!! I know I have never met you before but that doesn't take away all the love I feel for you and your mommy. God bless you and have fun being 5!!!

  16. I don't need a present Linny, but I want to say Happy Birthday. What a change God has made! That is present enough!
    Thank you for your family's part in that beautiful little girl.
    Love from Sandy in the UK

  17. Happy birthday Ruby! I just celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and mine was like yours, full of family and love. But I didn't have a princess dress!!! You are growing up, sweet Ruby. Happy being FIVE my friend Ruby!
    from Samm in Canada

  18. I've never read your blog before, but it was linked in my Fb news feed from a fellow adoptive mama (I have two adopted lovies). Your Ruby is simply too cute for words! Happy happy birthday, and may God bless Ruby and all of your children.

  19. Sweet Ruby, I prefer Cinderella too! Good choice, baby girl! (Please don't take offense to the "baby girl." I call my 6-year-old that too. And she gives me the side-eye too, because she is oh so grown up.)

    Happy Birthday, Ruby!

  20. Happy Birthday Ruby!! I have been reading your story for some time now!! I hope to meet you in Knoxville, TN. I have 2 wonderful kiddos from China and I have shared your story with them. Have a wonderful day!! You are a blessing to all!


  21. Happy Birthday Ruby! I had the pleasure of meeting Ruby when I volunteered at her babies home in 2011 & the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Emma while my husband and I lived in Uganda from 2013-2014. What a precious family you have! I will never forget seeing Ruby in the babies home in 2011, and to look at her now- our God is good!

  22. Happy Birthday Sweet Ruby. A true jewel from Heaven. Your smile shows the love of God and you will move mountains for the Kingdom of God. You are a true gem sent from the Lord above and you will show the world how great our God is. We pray you had a blessed birthday. Keep up the great work and show the world that our Lord is greater and His plan and promises are better than anything doctors or man can tell you.

  23. Never to late to leave a birthday wish for my second-favorite miracle child! (I'm sure Ruby won't mind taking second-seat to our precious Abi!) Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you from across the country and around the world and back again!

  24. Happy Birthday Ruby! You are such a miraculous work of God. I love watching you grow and accomplish so much more than any doctor ever said you would!

  25. Linny, Ruby is such a beautiful little girl. All your girls are, though. I know you must have had so much fun celebrating Ruby, her birthday and all the wonderous things God has done. I think any child would be so blessed to have you for a mom.As in won the lottery! Thanks for sharing your sweet and precious treasures.

  26. I'm a couple of days late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess Ruby anyway!! Such wonderful photos – she is such a character!! And we *almost* share a birthday – mine is the day before hers.

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