“Thank You!” And Ruby Picks FIVE friends!!

Ruby sure was excited to learn that so many of you wished her
 wonderful birthday wishes,
she smiled and wiggled her little wiggle…
which means, 
“Oh I can hardly stand the fun!” 
She has been working hard on learning to hold up her open hand when asked, 
“Ruby, how old are you?”  
Ruby’s done it once now!!  So by the time we leave on our trip, I imagine she will 
have it perfected!   
Of course she is probably thinking, 

“Mom, why do I have to tell you how old I am?
Isn’t that your job to remember?”    
Anyway, here are the winners of a birthday prize from Ruby….
Please email:
subject:  Birthday Prize
to claim your prize!!
And your prize will be speeding toward you, thanks to Amazon…
Five winners:
From Blog Comments:
Stacy 🙂
Stacy, you commented that you couldn’t wait to meet Ruby next month! 
And she’s equally tickled to meet you as well {and so is her mommy!}
From Instagram:
From Facebook
Laura White
So please friends,
dash me your address and your gift from Ruby will be on its way!

Thank you again for all the love, prayers and encouragment
over Ruby’s last {almost} four years home…

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