Ruby Does DC with Joy!

Yesterday we had the joy of spending the day walking around DC.

It’s always been one of my favorite cities.  In fact when Dw closed up his law practice to attend seminary, we envisioned moving to DC after seminary.  We thought the Lord’s plan would be to combine his law and seminary to serve in the political arena. Apparently the Lord had other plans.




We took in the sites and talked some about the historical monuments and what they represent.  The kids were taken with it all.

As we were heading to our car, we had about a mile walk in front of us.  Ruby had enjoyed the day and started her usual rowdy self of squealing with joy.  The crowded streets were causing her to scream even more – all these “friends” passing by – how could she resist the delight??!!

Sadly, many aren’t sure what to make of Ruby’s squeals….but we loudly proclaim to anyone in earshot, “Oh Ruby!! Are you so excited??”  Our hope is to help others realize that Ruby’s squealing is her way of showing the world her joy.  Which is clearly evidenced by her expression!!  Some smiled.  The world needs to understand that not all joy is expressed with words!

Look at her!

And to think – some medical professionals thought she would never do anything!!  Ha!


5 thoughts on “Ruby Does DC with Joy!

  1. Wow! I just found you! I figured you were on the road trip, but haven’t been finding updates through the blogger dashboard.
    Finally I decided to see if it was broke…I googled Place called Simplicity and found this! Hoorah! I have missed you. But wow have you been busy.
    So, I am pretty sure there will be some more Ruby’s rescued in the future because of what people hear when you talk in their churches. It will be so great to see what God does through all of this.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. I am so glad you googled it. Yes, I moved off of Blogger. It is easier to have a website minus blogger. The way to stay informed now is to enter your email address in the top of the sidebar and it will then notify you when I do another post!
      Yes! We have been crazy busy and God has been so faithful! We’re having a blast and Ruby’s story is impacting people – so amazingly God!! To Him be ALL the glory!!

  2. I too wondered why you had been quiet for 42 days! No updates on my blog reader. Then on Instagram you said you had a new post and when I clicked on it, there was nothing new.cwent to the website..still nothing and finally I clicked view web version and low and behold I missed a whole month!

    So how do I keep up with you now? 🙂

    1. Oh Sara!!! I’m so glad you found us!! I didn’t do a last post on there directing people over here…the site itself was supposed to direct people to the new one…ugh. We will have to see if we can get that worked out. The way to keep up now is on the sidebar…it’s a place to enter your email address…and you will get an email when I post. I’m thankful you’re back! xo

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