A Million Times Over – Thank You Sweet Friends!!

jump-1435001Ohhhhhh friends!!  God has been so faithful and you guys are just plain amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over thank you for being His hands to our JonWesley!

When we announced we were bringing JonWesley home we knew we were taking a huuuuge leap of faith.   When I say “huge” that would be like a gargantuan, ginormous, colossal, mammoth and elephantine all rolled into one leap of faith!!  But God is faithful and through you all we just $195. from being half way to bringing him home!!

AdoptTogether has been an awesome blessing, but they don’t give me the email addresses to thank people.  (What’s up with that??)  And of course some of you sneaky people have given “anonymously”.  You sly and tricky, tricky, tricky friends!!


Every time we get a notification we rejoice – no matter the size – God is providing the way to our son and we are so grateful for each of you and each of your hard-earned dollars that are helping.

We got an update the other day on JonWesley.  It mentioned the grip bars he needs to help with his bathroom needs.  And all I could do was smile, giggle and say, “Wow Lord.  You are so good.  How many homes in Phoenix have treasure-height grip bars already in the bathroom in a single story home that is up for sale in a neighborhood we would love to live in?? Only YOU faithful God!!”


Seriously.  The bathroom is ready for him!!


If you want to see for yourself or if you even want to help, here’s the link to our AdoptTogether page.

Or maybe you are not even sure what I’m talking about and wonder, “Who is JonWesley??” he’s introduced here.  There is even a video made by my friend Nathalie.   JonWesley will be our Baker’s Dozen.  (Always bear in mind that I do not like odd numbers.  Until I have an even number that is!!)

And lastly, on the road trip one sweet bloggy friends mentioned Memorial Boxes and I happened to say that I had a bunch hanging around…and then they said, “Why don’t you auction those to help raise funds for JonWesley??”   What a splendid idea!!

So in the next little bit (my definition of “little” –  of course!) I will dig them out and get them picture-ready.  Then I will figure out where the best place for auctioning them off would be (any ideas from any of you are welcome!)…and then we will “get ‘er done!” Maybe they can even be Christmas gifts!!  That would totally be a Win/Win kind of idea!!

In the meantime, I know many of you pray for our family regularly.  Thank you so much.  Would you please pray that JonWesley will be being prepared by the Lord for our family and that he would not lose hope?  He ages out May 4th.  Arizona has an extra step in the process by requiring our home study be approved by the court before we submit to Immigration.  We thought it would be back by the time of our return from the trip, however it is not.  Prayers would, again, be appreciated.

By the way, we’re convinced #wheelchairsarentscary

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. ” Philippians 4:19-20 

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