Who Knew What 37 Years Would Bring?

Thirty seven years ago today this man of mine and I said “I do” before about 100 friends and family on a muggy hot day in Amherst, New York.

Who knew that 37 years later we would be returning from a 8,000+ mile trip in a 12 passenger van full of our kids, three dogs and wheelchair?  We would have never guessed we’d be traveling around the country sharing Ruby’s story, the plight of the orphan and the faithfulness of God with anyone who would listen!

And hurrying this last leg to get to the Post Office before it closes in hopes that our home study is waiting so we can submit tomorrow our i-800 for our waiting Baker’s Dozen – JonWesley …Who knew?? Definitely not us.

We were laughing a few minutes ago as we drove down the old Route 66.   Most of our once-upon-a-time peers have been empty nesters for years and years and years.  They still love us but they definitely think we are crazy.  We’re pretty grateful for a few new peers…like Janet & Kevin and Phil & Sherri…friends just about our age who still have littles at home…

Oooooh friends, what a crazy adventure this 56 and 60 year old couple have been on these last 37 years…and to be perfectly honest – – we wouldn’t change what we are doing for anything – not all the money in the world.

IMG_5548 Cause to us, there is no greater pleasure than:

laughter around the kitchen table – even with countless piles of unsorted papers nearby waiting for sorting – and a horribly messy laundry room {okay, so I wouldn’t fight anyone who wanted to come and do it for me, but hey, I’m so thankful my laundry room is a mess} and sleepless nights filled with Ruby-squeals and medical equipment like the stander and the Happy Seat and the wheelchair{s} and the bath chair scattered throughout our home.

And then there are the surgeries and therapies in between watching little boys wrestle almost all day long {do they ever get tired of it?} and stepping on Legos and holding littles and bigs as they work through life’s struggles that are the reality of adoption and reminding treasures that we are family because of them or the mega grocery shopping trips or the best joy there is – cheering when one asks Jesus into their heart!!

Seriously.  Who knew??  Almighty God has the best surprises!!

Thirteen (so far) cheers for the joy of knowing we will never have an empty nest!!


And friends, if you are nearing the empty nest age…and wondered what the heck you are gonna’ do for the rest of your life…please oh please consider hosting this Christmas…and having a December you will never regret!!  More information coming soon!!

Happy 37 years to us!!

9 thoughts on “Who Knew What 37 Years Would Bring?

    1. Thank you Sarah!! It’s so crazy that it’s been 37 years. I feel *maybe* 35 years old…of course I look in the mirror and realize I am not 35 but still…married 37 years?? Weird. Really weird.

  1. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
    Happy Anniversary and many continued years of God’s favor and blessings from “Brave Bloggy Friend Liz, Lovely Lurker Lady Betsy, and Mr. Wade!
    We are so excited and thankful to God to have met you and your family in the middle of your 8000+ mile adventure with Jesus!

  2. Congratulations on all those years and all those treasures! And you both are pretty much exactly one year older than both of us!
    Would have loved a people carrier full of treasures, but He gave us treasures of a different kind…being the sort of mother and father to people like Paul said he was to the people where God put him.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. We’re basically the same age?? I know you are serving and figured you would have all kinds of kids…and that’s awesome – so many folks need parents who CARE…as they serve and grow and sort through life. Hugs across the ocean!! xo

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