Beautiful YOU.

Sunday Graham and Savannah came over after church.  It was so good to see them – we missed them so much!  The day was filled with yummy food and laughter, a wild game of Settlers of Catan, homemade gluten free pie and much laughter and throughout the day we sat together telling Graham and Savannah many stories of our trip.

After awhile Graham said, “Mom, you need to write these down, because they are just too good.  You can’t forget them!”  Yes, the stories are so good.  So, so, so good. So beautiful.  And I thought over the next weeks I will share some of the remarkable things that happened…

When we were anticipating the Rescuing Ruby Miracle Tour I could hardly wait to meet so many of you.  You all have been some of my dearest-although-I’ve-never-met-you-friends!!

At some stops I remembered immediately to get pictures but at others I just completely forgot or didn’t remember until later in the time together.

Over the week-end I put together collages of each of the cities we were in…if you were at one of the places, but you are not in them, I am truly sorry.  I definitely was bummed when I realized at some places that I didn’t get pictures or didn’t get them until I had already met many of you.

Friends, you’re beautiful.  Truly beautiful.  And your hearts are beautiful.  And your love for others is beautiful.   And I’m so very thankful for  each of you…

I have to tell you, after we had been to about 3 or 4 cities Dw said to me, “Babe, your blog friends are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  They’re just nice.  Really nice.”  It was so sweet.

So here’s a little tribute to beautiful you…thank you for making the trip so very, very, very precious.   We’ll treasure the memories forever wishing we could do it every day…Thank you to those who hosted each event along the way…or had us in your home overnight…

I asked the kids four days after we got home from all 8,248 miles of car this question:

Who would want to go again if we could leave tomorrow??  Other than one {who usually likes saying the opposite of everyone else first time anything is asked} would go again – right then!  

The memories.  Oh the memories.

Thank you beautiful you!!  We love you all!!

Pagosa Springs, Colorado!!!!collage-2015-08-14



St. Louis, Missouri!! 

collage-2015-08-14 (1)


Chicago, Illinois!!

collage-2015-08-14 (2)


Indianapolis, Indiana!!!!collage-2015-08-14 (3)



Columbus, Ohio!! 

collage-2015-08-14 (4)


Baltimore, Maryland!!!

collage-2015-08-14 (10)


Amelia, Virginia!!

collage-2015-08-14 (6)******************

Atlanta, Georgia!!

collage-2015-08-14 (11)


Macon, Georgia



Huntsville, Alabama



Knoxville, Tennesseecollage-2015-08-14 (7)




Cleveland, Tennesseecollage-2015-08-14 (9)


4 thoughts on “Beautiful YOU.

  1. Awesome. Awesome. Loved meeting precious Ruby, all your treasures and seeing what a beautiful young lady Miss Liberty has become!

  2. I was thinking this morning that I’d not seen any blog post from you in awhile. So I checked and found that you have a different address. I guess I missed the memo! Now I will have to catch up. Nice photo memories of your trip. God bless!
    grandmabeckyl.blogspot, com

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