Just like a birth child, there is a joyful thrill to the soul of every adoptive parent when the treasure they bring home experiences a “first”.

Which reminds me, I had to take Vern somewhere the other day  in Dw’s little car.  I put the windows down (love my Arizona!) and he was leaning, with his head almost out the window with the beautiful breeze whipping against his cheeks (we weren’t anywhere near traffic)…and he was laughing and saying, “Wooooooow!  Cooooool!”  Definitely a first, for sure!!

And then yesterday there were a bunch of firsts.  So thankful for cell phones that can capture it all!  We had been invited to a farm to celebrate the birthday of Ruby’s friend, Patrick, and on our way I realized that Vern and Pearl had likely never been up close to farm animals…. I couldn’t wait to see what Vern and Pearl thought of it all.

As for Pearl, she seemed completely unimpressed as she was all about her squeaky shoes.  She walked head down most of the time watching her feet, with each step she took, making the most amazing squeak!  Gotta’ love those China squeaky shoes!!  And don’t kid yourself, as annoying and obnoxious as the squeak could potentially be, they actually help us keep track of her – so the squeaky-squeakers are here to stay!

But Vern’s “firsts” did not disappoint…

Vern asked, “Mom!  What is THAT?” when he saw the goats.  “Let’s go inside and see!”

FullSizeRenderI’m pretty sure Vern is thinking, “You have got to be kidding me!!”

(Get it?? Kidding? My father-in-love, who Vern was named after, was the king of puns…and I can just see him beaming ear-to-ear with that one!)  For our ever-smiling guy this picture still makes me giggle.  Mrs. Goat was definitely getting in Vern’s space.

We moved on to the horses…and oh me, oh my!!  As our faithful God could only orchestrate there happened to be a big-burly guy named Ron working there…and Ron was more than willing to help Vern have a first-ever horse ride….and that big guy just scooped him up and carried him over…FullSizeRender-1

Can you see Vern’s grin as Ron set him on the horse??  His eyes have completely disappeared!!  I think he was beside himself.


IMG_9538It was absolutely incredible!    Through the translator he told us that it was a “beautiful, gentle ride.”  *giggle*

IMG_9536Dw and I kept getting teary.  Every child deserves such a thrill!!

Patrick’s mommy, Shelby, told me that when they were planning the birthday party Patrick asked, “Can Ruby come?”  And that thought still makes my eyes well with tears.  Ruby’s friend Patrick most definitely wanted her at his party…

Ruby always puts her hand up when she says, “Hiiiiii!” and kind of hides her face shyly.  She loves her friend Patrick and was so excited that we were going to his birthday party.   The look on Patrick’s face is so precious.

FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-2The joy of many firsts, none of which are taken for granted.  We have been so abundantly blessed.

16 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Can I please, with sugar on top, post the pic of Vernon on the horse on my instagram?????? I love it so very much. I follow you there, on instagram, but didn’t see that particular image, only here on your blog. I would love to “regram” it!! I can tag you on the pic or give you any info you need!!! It’s truly an image that captures the look of PURE JOY… –Joy Brock

    1. Awwww you’re so sweet! I actually was going to post it to IG, but just hadn’t yet! I would love you to regram it….just tag me!! It is truly PURE JOY! WIll do it in a few minutes! xo

  2. So wonderful! One of the hardest things about adopting my nearly 7-year-old was that she refused to be impressed. I was so looking forward to her excitement at different things, and she just did not know the meaning. She would open gifts and then just sit them aside, even though I knew it was something she liked! I had a huge party for her 9th, and her sister could barely contain herself – their special adopted Aunt was to be there from out of town and we had games and all sorts of things lined up, and Jing just sits in the car looking bored. Sigh. I love seeing Vern on that horse – what a fun day for him!

    1. That’s so sad that your 7 year old has seem to bury her joy. I wonder what’s behind that? It makes me think she is afraid of loving. I pray things are better…it would be so sad to miss out on so many beautiful things in life!

  3. Yet again, happy tears seeing the joy overflow from Vern’s sweet heart! And what a precious heart Patrick has too! You can just see the adoration he has for your beautiful Ruby-girl!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments!!

  4. Vern is right, there is rarely a blue sky in China. I don’t know what region he lived in, but where I live in Chongqing, there is hardly a blue sky. I got a glimpse of a sunset for the first time in 9 months last week, Your kids smiles make me so happy! I need pics on my fridge when I am feeling down.


    1. He is amazed by our sky!! As for their smiles – print some of them out! Each of their faces has an amazing-miraculous story to tell of how God brought them home to us, may you be reminded of God’s faithfulness through them!

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