Why Should We Have All The Fun?

Oh guys.  What an unintentional, only-planned-by-the-Lord thing opening up the door for me to share my heart.


It was really sweet how many of you loved the pictures of Vernon’s firsts….I mean, how could anyone not?  They capture the joy of discovery for the very first time like nothing else!  Just imagine….Vern’s about to turn 14 and he had never seen farm animals up close…he didn’t even know what a goat was!

Actually he has even just been wowed by our blue sky here in Arizona!  One day while on a walk, Vern pointed to the sky and said, “Mom!  China no.”  True enough buddy.  I did not see any blue sky in China in the three weeks I was there yet basically every day since coming home Vern has seen nothing but breathtaking blue up above his sweet head.

Well believe it or not, there is a chance for you to watch, participate and enjoy all the  “firsts” of a precious treasure, just like our Vernon, this summer!!  How?  Through hosting!!

How could that not be the very best few weeks anyone has ever spent?  

Imagine the thrill of hosting a treasure from around the world for a few short weeks…and watching their faces as they discover the joy of “firsts”!!

Here are the faces of some who wait for a chance to have a family for a few weeks this summer.  Look at them!  Many of them even have partial grants already!!  They are being hosted through the ministry Guglielmo’s Hope and more information can be also found on their Facebook page13001320_1207925622559958_5903104688790624613_nFor those who can’t leave the country to serve on a Missions Team, this is basically bringing the Mission home.  Imagine the adventure of caring for them up close, discovering joys in life with them and filling their heart with hope!  The hope that they have value, that they were created in the image of an amazing God who loves them immeasurably and although life has been very painful, He has a beautiful plan for them.

Here is a FAQ page about the hosting program through Guglielmo’s Hope.

Friends, the clock is ticking (end of April deadline)…so don’t delay and oh-happy-day, did you hear me?  Several of these kids have partial grants already!!

But that’s not all….our adoption agency, Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) also has a hosting program with China.  CCAI has said that 75% of the children that were hosted in the last 18 months have found their forever family!!  

And in case you are thinking….Does that mean that all who host have to adopt? Nope.  Not at all!! Hosting is a beautiful way to advocate for the child you host.  So many beautiful things will happen – each hosted child has the joy of knowing someone values them, their host family sees the world through the eyes of that treasure and each person who comes in contact with that host family and treasure has a glimpse of the infinite value of each orphan.  And that’s a win/win/win all the way around!!

For more information on hosting with CCAI: hosting@ccaifamily.org  

For more information about hosting one of the children pictured above:  hosting@guglielmoshope.com

PS  If you happen to mosey over to Guglielmo’s Hope Facebook page there is a beautiful 48 second video that was posted on April 14th…at 5:02pm.   Dare you to watch it and not get teary-eyed because yes-oh-yes – this is the very best reason ever to host!  Do it!!  I actually can’t even type about it without welling with tears.  


6 thoughts on “Why Should We Have All The Fun?

  1. We hosted through a Colombian program, and it was wonderful! We are now adopting the 15 year old girl that we hosted. I would totally recommend a hosting program for anyone with a heart for orphans.

  2. Maybe I’m to old to host by I would love to……I would do what ever I can to help wonderful kids, I already Love them,

  3. Linny, I have to tell you! I have been reading your blog for years. I never thought adoption was a possibility for us. However, the Lord has been moving in amazing ways, and May 19 we attend our first orientation to become foster parents! We are going to be open to whatever the Lord leads as far as whether to stay with fostering or to adopt.

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