How Birdie Got Her Name

Many people have asked how Birdie got her name that I’m guessin’ it’s time….

[Lucy! Lucy! You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!] 

It’s simple.

Shortly after coming home we noticed that anytime anyone had food, little Miss would scoot over and quietly position herself as close as possible.

Birdie does not nudge, push, whine or grab.  Just ever so quietly she perches, as close as she can get!! Almost smack on top of you. Most often she will open her tiny mouth.  Waiting.

Dw mentioned that she looked like a little Birdie.  And the name was born.

Case in point  –  [I asked Elizabeth to show you how it works and sure enough, Birdie positions herself as close as she can get..and she waits. And by the way, Elizabeth is trying not to laugh and she is feeling very mean making poor Birdie wait while I snap a picture, of course!]


We think it suits her perfectly.

The most precious little Birdie ever.  IMG_0694

10 thoughts on “How Birdie Got Her Name

  1. I can imagine Miss Elizabeth had to try SO very hard to hold such a straight face. One glance at that precious Birdie and it would no doubt be all smiles from there! Love the story behind her sweet name!! 🙂 Hope y’all are having a wonderfully blessed time back home!

    1. Our time has been so wonderful. Grateful we still have a couple more weeks. I had my high school reunion over this past week-end. It was the 40th. The last time I went was my 10th. The time was healing in so many ways!! Then we spent time at my brothers (amazing!!) and then at my cousins. Wish we could do it so much we all got tired of one another!! ha! xo

  2. When we adopted Katya she was two and a half with Down Syndrome. She was just learning to walk and didn’t talk. But we gave her the nickname Duckie because she waddled and quacked. She is too grown up for that name now but we still affectionately refer to her as the duck amongst ourselves.

  3. Love little Birdie!! She’s just so stinking cute!
    It looks as though you’re having a wonderful trip! Its so kind of you to share your journey (and your family) with us.
    I, for one, can’t get enough of your precious pile. Admittedly, I could steal Birdie but all of your children are absolutely gorgeous!


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